Chrissy Teigen’s 2021 Resolution Has A Message All Fans Need To Hear

Chrissy Teigen is, among many other things, the queen of Twitter, and she has always been up front and honest about her life with her fans. But, for 2021, that honesty will come with zero explanations. On Dec. 27, 2020, Teigen tweeted, “excited about the new year’s resolution I started early: not explaining S**T to you people.” She then followed up with, “For years I have been CONSUMED by the overwhelming need to explain why I’m doing what I’m doing, why I did why I did. NO MORE. I’m gonna doooooo the shit I doooooo and youuuuuu can go bonkers about it.” Thankfully, though, the cookbook author finished the thread with, “(Note: I will still explain how to cook things).”

There were some haters in the replies, but most saw her message as one of empowerment. One user tweeted, “I need to be better about this when I answer ‘No.’ to someone. Don’t make and excuse or give any explanation, just say ‘No.’ and leave it at that.” Others also offered words of support: “Darling no explaining need. It’s your life and if they don’t like it F’em. Good luck with your resolution & hope it brings the change you want it. Happy new year.” Someone else added, “to hell with the small minded haters. I respect you & your choice. you have never needed to explain things though I understand feeling the need to. You are a shining example of a beautiful soul.”

Not everyone likes how much Chrissy Teigen shares about her life

Looking at the comments on some of Chrissy Teigen’s tweets, the resolution makes a lot of sense. While she gets a lot of love, there are also people who come after her for sharing details about her life. For instance, one person commented on a tweet about Teigen’s pregnancy loss earlier this year with this: “Shouldn’t this remain a private matter between you and John? No need to plaster it all over social media…..”

Some people even came for her over the name of her family’s hamster. She tweeted, “oh. peanut butter the hamster died” and then had to follow up with “that is the name. don’t attack me!” after she revealed a Christmas stocking with the name “New P Butter” stitched on — a reference to the family’s newest addition, no doubt. In response, someone wrote, “I feel there really are more important news in this world so yes you lost a hamster but remember people are [losing] their homes and lives Between the news of these two Idiots Meghan and dumbo Harry there should be a limit what is posted.” 

With comments like this cluttering her replies, it’s no wonder Teigen no longer feels motivated to respond to such trolls!

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