Cole Sprouse and Girlfriend Dragged for Allegedly Dressing Up as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The ‘Riverdale’ actor and his model girlfriend Ari Fournier are slammed by the Internet after they appear to channel the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor and his ex-wife at a party.

AceShowbiz -Halloween is around the corner and Cole Sprouse is among those who have got into the spirit earlier. The actor and his girlfriend Ari Fournier recently attended a party where they dressed up as other characters, but they may have picked the wrong inspiration.

The “Riverdale” star and his model girlfriend were slammed online as they appeared to channel Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the bash. In a picture which has gone viral, the Cody Martin of “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” donned a white shirt with black pants and a round hat while sporting braces.

His girlfriend, meanwhile, glammed for a look that is similar to that of Amber, particularly because of the hair and makeup. The model sported a white shirt, a red tie and a dark vest, with a bright red lipstick.

Cole Sprouse and girlfriend Ari Fournier were criticized over their looks at a recent party.

Many were convinced that Cole and Ari dressed up as Johnny and Amber, which earned them some backlash. The young couple was called “ugly” and “disgusting” as they allegedly chose another pair, who have been embroiled in abuse allegations and defamation lawsuit, as their inspirations.

“So cole Sprouse and his girlfriend are either dressed as Johnny Depp and amber heard or what other people are say is a roaring 20s party but either way they do look like them and that’s just so wrong on so many levels,” one Twitter user reacted to the photo of Cole and Ari.

Another claimed, “why would you dress as johnny depp and amber heard??? a trial about trauma?? cole sprouse and his gf are truly disgusting and ugly, but cole has always been trash. don’t forget his abuse allegations.” A third penned, “cole sprouse you and ur gf are going to hell for dressing up as that man.”

There were others who came to Cole and Ari’s defense though, with one person arguing, “Cole Sprouse and his girlfriend didn’t dress up like Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. It was a birthday party and it was its theme, the roaring 20’s! Everyone else at the party also dressed up the same way! Stop looking for people!”

Another similarly said, “It looks like Cole Sprouse was not dressed up at Depp – but I don’t blame people for thinking it might be the case. Even Reverse Image Search IA thought it might be them.”

Neither Cole nor Ari has not responded to the criticism caused by their looks.

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