Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran Recreate Monica/Ross 'Friends' Dance

Courteney Cox isn’t quite done with the whole “Friends” reunion thing … because she partnered with Ed Sheeran to recreate one of the greatest TV dances ever!!!

If you didn’t know where this dance came from it would still be awesome … but there’s history here, folks.

You recall the dance where Monica and Ross appeared on Dick Clark’s “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” show? Well, Courteney hasn’t lost her moves one bit … and Ed was more than up to the task.

Ed reflected … “Had a reunion of our own this weekend @courteneycoxofficial #theroutine #iknow #friends4eva #obviouslybetterthanross”

There was one small technical error … Courteney overshot the jump into Ed’s arms and they crashed to the ground. Otherwise, perfect!!!

BTW … if you haven’t seen the “Friends” reunion, it really interesting. And, of course, “the dance” is in the show. It should be … Travolta’s got nothing on Ross and Monica!

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