Designer Ralph Rucci says the door is now open to criticize Anna Wintour

A veteran designer thinks that André Leon Talley’s savaging of Anna Wintour marks the beginning of open season on the Vogue honchess.

After longtime Wintour ally Talley called her “not capable [of] human kindness” in his forthcoming memoir, designer Ralph Rucci wrote on Instagram of “the British woman who works at Vogue:” “Now you DO REALIZE that a door, locked for years, out of fear of retribution for truth, has been OPENED WIDE … There has been so much personal evil and destruction, and now perhaps others will feel safe to speak.”

Rucci claimed Wintour operates with a “satanic plan” and that he has “photographed proof” of his “evil memories” of the editor. “I will write about what I had to contend with concerning this very, very meaningless person who deeply knew that she had no substance to exist in the realms of” legendary fashion editors such as Diana Vreeland and Grace Mirabella, he continued.

The move comes after ex-Vogue editor-at-large Talley wrote in “The Chiffon Trenches,” due out in September, that Wintour had dumped him for being “too old, too overweight, too uncool.”

Reps for Wintour didn’t get back to us.

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