'Drag Race' Star Widow Von'Du Claims Self-Defense, Racism in Wild Arrest Video

The “RuPaul‘s Drag Race” star arrested for allegedly pummeling a romantic partner is claiming self-defense, and she let cops know it as she was arrested — while also blasting white “privilege,” and taking a vape.

TMZ obtained this must-see video of Widow Von’Du in handcuffs, shouting that she’s getting busted for defending herself in her own Kansas City, MO apartment — and she clearly thinks it’s because the alleged victim is a white man.

According to Von’Du … she had asked him 5 times to leave her pad. As she put it, “someone else would not understand his privilege does not extend to my apartment.” She quickly added, “And, just because his ass got beat up because he would not leave … I’m being arrested.”

You can also see a friend of Von’Du’s holding a mic, and she made it clear she wanted all her fans to know about what she sees as a gross injustice. That being said, when someone offered her a vape … Widow took a break from raging out to inhale deeply.

Things got deadly serious, though as police were loading Widow into their van. She demanded cops strap her down because she didn’t want there to be any doubts about her possibly resisting police. She declared for the camera, “I’m not about to be the next one that we march for” … alluding to Black people who’ve died in police custody.

As we first reported, Von’Du allegedly punched and KO’d her partner, leaving him with injuries so severe … he needed 14 stitches in his face and head. Von’Du was booked for 1st and 2nd-degree domestic assault.

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