Emily Mitchell, Parenting Blogger and Influencer, Dies at 36

Rest in peace, Emily Mitchell. The blogger and influencer died unexpectedly on Dec. 22, according to a GoFundMe page set up for her family. She was 36, and 16 weeks pregnant with her fifth child. 

“Our dear Emily and her precious unborn baby left us unexpectedly in the morning of December 22, 2020. Our hearts are broken and her joyful presence will be greatly missed by so many,” reads the description on the fundraiser, organized by friend Allyson Speake. “Em made a big impact in so many people’s lives, and this loss is incomprehensible for anyone who knew her. Our friend was a dedicated mom and wife, she had a heart for the Lord, and loved her children so dearly.” 

Mitchell leaves behind her husband, Joe, and four children: Finn, Isla, Edie and Lulu. 

In an update on Friday, Speake thanked those who had donated above the goal of $100,000. 

“Thank you so much for all of your support. Her family was surprised by the outpouring of love from her homeschool community on Instagram,” she wrote. “Together we went above and beyond to support them, and even though this will not take away their pain, we know this gift means a lot to them. Thank you, always.” 

Mitchell’s last Instagram post was shared on Dec. 8. 

“This will be my FIFTH C-Section. 🤯 However your baby gets here, just know YOUR EXPERIENCE is valid and worthy,” she wrote. “YOU are no less a mother if you needed emergency medical intervention, had a planned c-section, or an epidural. You aren’t a ‘better’ mother if you had a home birth or an unmedicated vaginal birth. And if you grew your brood through adoption or surrogacy or family blending? Those are YOUR babies and YOU SIT PROUDLY at the table of motherhood.⁣”

“My plan was never to have five c-sections. But you can be sure I’m darn thankful for them. Even if I did grieve with my first at missing out on what the ‘real motherhood experience’ was supposed to be,” she added. “How I feel now? It doesn’t matter how they get here. It only matters THAT THEY GET HERE. And are so 👏🏻 deeply 👏🏻 LOVED.⁣”


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