Emma Watson Felt 'Really Lost' After 'Harry Potter' Ended: 'Oof'

It would be fair to say that nearly all of Emma Watson’s childhood was defined by Harry Potter. The actor was only 9 years old when she was cast in the role of Hermione Granger. Though she initially only signed up for two movies (and even considered leaving the franchise), she would stick around for all eight films. Ultimately, filming and promoting the blockbuster movies comprised of an entire decade of the actor’s life. So how did she adjust when the franchise finally ended?

Emma Watson was excited to pursue her education at Brown University

Though Watson considered leaving the Harry Potter franchise, she admitted that she was happy that she saw it through to the end. The Bling Ring star confessed that it would have killed her if anyone else would’ve played Hermione. That said, she was eager to explore life (and passions) outside of acting. Like her famous character, Watson always had a love of learning. Instead of jumping into another film after Harry Potter ended, she continued pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Brown University.

The movie star got candid about adjusting to life post ‘Harry Potter’

Part of the reason Watson considered leaving the Harry Potter franchise was that she felt her life was too planned out. However, after the franchise ended, it was that very structure that she started to miss. In an interview with JoBlo, the Noah actor admitted that it was sometimes difficult to adjust to the freedom and flexibility of college life.

“I go through periods where it feels fine, easy, and I’m busy at school, and there are days when I feel really lost, because it was just so structured and I had people telling me where I needed to be, what they wanted me to do,” Watson shared about her life post Harry Potter.

“My whole life was on a schedule, on a call sheet, every day, and being at University, you decide when you eat, where you go, if you work, if you don’t. No one cares and it’s all down to you, so yeah, I had days where I feel ‘Oof’ but it was always going to be an adjustment, and I feel lucky that I kept going with school and that I have that kind of infrastructure to fall back on.”

Watson was happy to take a short break from acting after ‘Harry Potter’

While Watson may have struggled with adjusting to the freedom of college life at times, she was happy to be studying. She admits that she didn’t feel up to hopping right back into another acting project like her fellow Harry Potter castmate, Daniel Radcliffe.

“It feels nice to be able to take a bit of a break,” Watson explained. “I don’t know how Dan’s doing it to be honest, because making these two films back to back was exhausting, I mean really exhausting. I was hanging in rags when we finished shooting, so I don’t know how Dan is doing it. He’s kind of amazingly energetic.”

Considering so much of Watson’s life was consumed by Harry Potter, it’s no wonder that she sometimes struggled to adjust to life after the franchise. However, she seems to have eventually found her footing.

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