Evelyn and Justin Halas: Expecting Their First Child!!

Just one week after Loren and Alexei Brovarnik welcomed their baby boy, another 90 Day Fiance couple has an announcement to make.

Season 2 stars Evelyn and Justin Halas are expecting their first child!

“Surprise!” Evelyn Halas posted in the captions of her Instagram late Monday night.

“Baby Halas is coming!” she gleefully revealed, alongside a string of situationally appropriate emojis.

In addition to her captions, she shared an image.

Rather than an ultrasound photo or the more controversial glimpse at a pregnancy test, Evelyn instead paired her words with this image.

The image that Evelyn shared depicts a pair of safety pins.

Now, safety pins are no longer an iconic component of childcare, as diapers have evolved over the years.

But as you can see, one of the safety pins is bent — like the curve of a pregnant belly — with a smaller safety pin inside of it.

Humans can and will anthropomorphize anything, and htis is such a cute illustration of a pregnant couple.

This will be Evelyn and Justin’s first child.

The couple were first revealed to fans in a teaser for Season 2, way back in 2014.

Evelyn is from Columbia.

Justin is from the United States.

Justin is a sports enthusiast, and ended up traveling to Columbia to attend a major sporting event.

That is where he met Evelyn, sepcifically at a rugby game.

Justin expressed fatigue with dating American women, in terms of their values and their “independence.”

Evelyn felt similar fed up with dating men from her community, whom she described as being loud and rambunctious compared to Justin.

Evelyn is extremely active on social media, specifically on Instagram.

In the above photo, you can see her and Justin welcoming in the New Year.

A lot of people had high hopes for 2020, even though Millennials and Gen Z were already making memes about a 2020 pandemic before New Years.

Even with the coronavirus pandemic, however, Evelyn and Justin have clearly found their silver lining for the year.

We mentioned that, just last week, Alex and Loren welcomed their son.

Earlier this month, Robert Springs and his wife, Anny, announced that they were expecting their first child as a couple.

This baby will be Anny’s first, and Robert’s sixth.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that there’s baby fever afoot among 90 Day Fiance couples, but it’s welcome news in each instance.

Evelyn has used social media to gush about Justin and shower him with affection.

Fans have noted, with amusement, that Justin often appears to be less engaged with photographs.

Clearly, though, there is no corresponding lack of affection within the couples’ marriage.

We don’t have to explain how pregnancies happen, do we?

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Right now, a lot of 90 Day Fiance stars are updating viewers on how their lives are going.

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined isn’t supposed to be as dramatic or riveting as any of the regular shows.

Instead, it just shows how the stars of the franchise are coping with living in a global pandemic.

Social media can serve that purpose just as well, which is how Evelyn broke this news. Congratulations to her and to Justin!

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