Foodgod Jonathan Cheban donates truck full of drinks to Miami hospital

Just call him Watergod.

Foodgod donated an 18-wheeler full of drinks to Miami’s Mount Sinai Hospital and University of Miami Health Center last Friday to give healthcare workers a refreshing reprieve from their fight against coronavirus. The man formerly known as Jonathan Cheban described the experience as “such an honor.”

“It was a really great feeling because I’ve been hiding for weeks, and I didn’t know when was the right time to go,” Foodgod told Page Six Tuesday of his time isolating in Miami. “I’ve been wanting to do it forever, but it wasn’t the time because there was so much confusion [surrounding the news].

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so I was personally able to concentrate and get stuff together.”

Foodgod, 46, told us he enlisted a man named Adam to help coordinate with all of the beverage distributors and was on-hand at Mount Sinai to deliver the drinks, while the drop-off at University of Miami was happening simultaneously.

When he arrived at the hospital, he immediately saw how grateful the staff were for any and all donations they’ve received.

“They were just so happy and so excited. It was a really rewarding experience,” he told us. “It’s fun for them to have someone else come to them. It brought some reality back as well. I came in with my sense of humor and lightened it up.”

While he and Adam unloaded their supplies, Foodgod noticed how many other gifts they had received.

“It was such an honor,” he said. “I was really happy for them that people are really donating.”

Though he’s been getting out for walks, Foodgod said quarantine took a toll on him in the beginning, explaining he wasn’t “in the right frame of mind” to focus on anything else.

“Now I’m back on it and definitely ready to help, but it’s emotional” he said, adding, “It’s still weird to talk to people and interact with people even if you just pass them.

“In Miami, you’re allowed to walk by the beach, but no one says ‘hi’ to each other,” he explained. “I’m praying that people will acknowledge each other [when the stay-home order ends].”

Fortunately, he flew his mom to Miami in early March to get ahead of the lockdowns, so he’s been spending plenty of time with her.

“It’s a lot,” he joked.

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