Former Vanderpump Rules Star Kristen Doute Defends Her Support Of Medical Marijuana After Her Firing!

Don’t come for Kristen Doute, y’all!

The infamously now-former Vanderpump Rules star is making her voice heard on a different political and cultural topic than the one you’re probably thinking of right now… and she’s not being shy about giving her opinion!

The 37-year-old Michigan native took to Twitter on Sunday to speak up about… the legalization of medical marijuana, among all things! But as you’ll see (below), her tweet wasn’t just some random one-off idea or opinion — she’s actually very committed to the cause because she has a personal stake in the outcome.

The world learned all about her activism to have marijuana legalized after a follower criticized her for “tweeting about a random issue” in regards to a state she doesn’t live in (true). But the embattled former reality TV star hit back quickly on the topic, adding this interesting interchange to prove that yes, she really does know what she’s talking about:


And totally legit — we can certainly empathize with Kristen and her brother regarding the availability of medical marijuana. She absolutely has a right to speak on something like that, especially when her family is potentially personally affected by whatever decision is made by Idaho’s politicians.

And even more pertinent to the topic, the now-fired TV personality further addressed her decision to speak out by referencing her controversial canning by Bravo.

In a follow-up tweet she implored her critics to “use that same passion”  to “fight against something and make a change” like was doing with Idaho’s marijuana laws, adding this message to the mix on her official Twitter account:

Well said! It obviously doesn’t absolve Doute of what got her fired from Vanderpump Rules in the first place, but we can certainly empathize with her wanting to make her life into something more — and encourage others to do the same.

Maybe Kristen is changing for the better since her departure from the show? Sure, real change will take quite a bit longer than just a few weeks here, but, well, it’s a start?! Only trying to look on the bright side here, y’all!

Sound OFF down in the comments (below) if you feel otherwise, or have a different take on Kristen’s medical marijuana opinions and online activism here! We want to know what you think!

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