Gina Rodriguez Pops Up In Netflix’s ‘Dash & Lily’ In The Most Surprising Way

Netflix’s Dash & Lily features a little cameo from Gina Rodriguez in the most inventive way.

The 36-year-old former Jane The Virgin star, according to TVLine, will be part of the series as a voice in a movie inside the limited series.

The site reports that Collation is being billed as a “fake Pixar film” and is an animated office romance between a stapler and a blank sheet of paper.

The film pops up all throughout the show with advertisements all over the city. Lily, played by Midori Francis, even mentions that she loves when the highlighter, who is voiced by Gina, and she encourages the stapler to “Be bold!”

Executive producer Joe Tracz shared that Gina was really excited to be involved.

“Brad Silberling, one of our producers who also directed the first two episodes, was also a producer and director on Jane the Virgin,” Joe explained. “So he was like, ‘You know, I think I could get Gina to do it.’ He reached out her, she was like, ‘Totally!’ and she recorded a bunch of different takes of the line. It was so much fun to actually get to pay off one of these writers’ room jokes that we had.”

Dash & Lily, also starring Austin Abrams, is out on Netflix now!

If you missed the adorable trailer, see it here!

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