‘Good Luck Charlie’ Hold Virtual Reunion, First Interview With Mia Talerico

The Good Luck Charlie cast took a trip down memory lane!

The Duncan family, minus Toby – Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Bridgit Mendler, Mia Talerico, Eric Allan Kramer and Leigh-Allyn Baker – all got together for a fun interview.

While introducing themselves, Mia was describing how her role was pretty easy, and Bradley jumped in saying how strange it was that she’s talking and so involved in the conversation.

“This is a trip right now. We have never done an interview with Mia and had her fully apart of a conversation like this. This is bizarre,” he said.

The cast have remained close since the show ended in 2014, and have had many in person reunions in the past. They even celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the show’s premiere back in April.

To watch the full reunion/interview, head over to ETOnline.com!

All episodes of Good Luck Charlie, along with the movie, are available to stream on Disney+.

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