Hulk Hogan reveals how drinking 'pre-match beers' helped him make WWE history

Hulk Hogan has revealed the secret to making wrestling history – and it sounds easier than you think.

The WWE Hall of Famer insisted he always preferred to ‘call it in the ring’ rather than planning everything out beforehand, and he would usually drink a couple of beers before his matches.

Sharing a photo of him holding a can of Miller Lite by his pool, Hogan – whose real name is Terry Bollea – suggested it really was that simple.

He tweeted: ‘All I need is a couple of these before the bell, give me the finish, call it in the ring, and a couple more of these after the bell and you get history made with thousands and thousands standing until the music stops!! Brother HH (sic)’

Just like that, hey?

While fans were divided – with many criticising Hogan for seemingly admitting to drinking before a match – AEW wrestler Chris Jericho appeared to back up the superstar’s claim.

He replied: ‘I can vouch for that!!! Always loved working with The Hulkster…. (sic)’

Hogan returned to the WWE fold in 2018, three years after he was fired over racist comments leaked during his sex tape trial.

He publicly apologised to the locker room, and Titus has previously insisted he won’t ‘judge’ Hulk by his mistakes.

He exclusively told ‘What happened, happened. We can’t change that but we’re all moving forward in a positive manner. I’m not one to judge anybody, because I’ve made mistakes myself.

‘I’ve had several conversations with Hulk since his return, and I feel like each with each conversation we’ve come closer to an understanding of what’s happened is in the past.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins previously made waves online after he addressed Hogan in an interview regarding his Mount Rushmore of WWE, which also included Bruno Sammartino, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and John Cena.

However, he added: ‘Shawn’s my favourite. Shawn’s my favourite wrestler of all time, but we’re talking about contributions to WWE and what they’ve meant to the business, and look, if it were up to me, in that situation, I would scratch Hogan off that sucker probably.

‘But again, if we’re just talking not the kind of human being you are but we’re talking about your contributions as a wrestler to the company, okay, Hogan was responsible for everything that happened after the late ’80s.

‘Look, Hulk’s always been really nice to me, but that doesn’t make him a great human being.’

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