Janet Jackson Fans Flip After ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Confuses Her With Ariana Grande: ‘What A Fail’

Viewers were left bewildered after a ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant watched Janet Jackson perform and somehow mistook the legend for Ariana Grande. The question didn’t even hint at Ariana!

This Jeopardy! contestant may need to review his trivia practice cards a little harder. On the game show’s April 29 episode, Contestant Alwin Hui was presented the following question in the “Music Awards” category: “As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took ‘control’ & took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade.” A clip of Janet Jackson immediately played, performing her 1986 hit “Control” after accepting the Icon Award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Without a beat, Alwin asked, “Was it Ariana Grande?”

No, it was not Ariana Grande. The answer seemed obvious to viewers, who immediately shared their confused reactions on Twitter! “What a FAIL [laughing emoji] Really my guy got Ariana Grande & Janet Jackson mixed you on Jeopardy,” wrote one fan. Indeed, it’s not clear how a trivia master could make such a mistake, especially considering the biggest clue in the question: “her first live TV performance in nearly a decade.” Ariana was only 24 years old during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, which would make her a mere 14 years old during her supposed last live televised performance. “’First live performance in nearly a decade’ he thought miss grande was old lmfaoooo,” a fan tweeted, pointing out this blunder.

Most fans believed Alwin confused Janet for Ariana because of the long, high pony tail that she rocked on stage. “The pony really threw him off,” a fan tweeted along with a crying emoji, while other fans insisted that Ariana’s ponytail is the pop star’s “brand.” One Arianator pointed out that Janet also performed in classic lampshade fashion, another staple in Ariana’s wardrobe (AKA, a sweatshirt dress and thigh-high boots). “I guess the dress and boots are also very Ari-esque. Plus he doesn’t seem like he’d know who Janet Jackson is,” the fan wrote. Regardless, fans were still puzzled over Alwin’s answer. “Absolutely unforgivable lmfao,” another fan tweeted.

This was the second major mixup to happen in recent days on Jeopardy! On April 28, contestant (and eventual winner) Sarah Jett Rayburn was given this question: “Here, as on each September 24, Zulus celebrate the holiday that was named in honor of this warrior leader of the early 1800s.” Instead of answering with the name of the correct warrior leader, Shaka Zulu, Sarah gave the name of Chaka Khan. Yes, Chaka, as in the Grammy-winning singer! It looks like contestants need to add crack open their history textbooks — and Spotify playlists — more before appearing on Jeopardy!.

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