Joe Alwyn feels slighted & is distraught that Taylor Swift moved on with Matt Healy

When we first heard about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Matt Healy, I absolutely mentioned some of the terrible stories about Healy, many of which are only months old. Healy has big issues around race and racism, and he definitely has a sleazy reputation around his female fans too. This week, Buzzfeed did a deeper dive on some on-the-record comments Healy made about what kind of p0rn he enjoys, and it’s pretty sick and disturbing. None of Healy’s (recent) backstory has changed Taylor’s mind though. She’s going full-speed ahead with this romance, and they just did their first big pap stroll this week in New York.

Meanwhile, when the news of Swealy was first leaked to the Sun in early May, many of Taylor’s fans were pretty iffy on the timeline. Being generous, we could say that Taylor and Joe Alwyn broke up in early March, probably. But Taylor was “working” with Healy last year, and she appeared at The 1975’s concert in January. Plus, this boyfriend rollout definitely has the feel of something which has been happening for a while. So, did Taylor cheat? According to the Mail, Joe Alwyn is starting to suspect that she did.

Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn feels ‘distraught and slighted’ by her new romance with British singer Matty Healy – after putting his ‘trust in her’ when she told him that she was just ‘friends’ with The 1975 frontman. Rumors of Taylor, 33, and 34-year-old Matty’s relationship first surfaced earlier this month, just weeks after the news of her split from British actor Joe, 32 – whom she dated for six years – was made public.

According to a source with exclusive inside knowledge about the situation, Joe is very unhappy that his former partner has moved on so quickly – particularly after he put his ‘trust’ in Taylor when she began collaborating with Matty during the final months of their relationship.

‘Joe feels slighted and is distraught after seeing her budding relationship with Matt, but is doing his best to keep busy and focus on himself,’ a source close to the actor told

In November, Matty described Taylor as ‘amazing’ while revealing that the pair had spent some time working together on her album Midnights – which was released in October 2022 – something that the insider says Joe was in full support of at the time, putting his full ‘trust’ in his then-girlfriend. Two months later, on January 12, Taylor surprised fans when she gave an impromptu performance of her new hit song Anti-Hero during The 1975’s concert at the O2 Arena in London.

‘Joe was aware that Taylor and Matt were making music together and collaborating. She told him that they had become friends and he trusted her,’ the source continued, although they denied any suggested that there had been ‘overlap’ between Taylor’s two romances.

[From The Daily Mail]

Guy who was dating the Snake-in-Chief for six years is suddenly surprised when she turns around and bites him? Classic Taylor, honestly. She can never get out of a relationship clean and drama-free. I always suspected that Taylor overlapped Tom Hiddleston and Joe as well. Honestly, if I was in Joe’s position, I would be mad as hell, especially since it really does look like Taylor was planning this out for a while.

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