John Boyega announces first album release on his record label is by Ego Ella May

John Boyega has revealed the first album to be released on his Upper Room Records label is Honey For Wounds by Ego Ella May. 

The Star Wars actor, 28, made the announcement on his social media channels, writing: ‘Proud to present the first album release from my Record Label @UpperRoomRecords, #HoneyForWounds the debut LP by the incredible @EgoEllaMay. 

‘This one has been dubbed “an album to heal to” and it’s very necessary right now. Make sure you all follow my fellow Nigerian sister, buy, stream and share this album. It’s a special one. More to come!’

He added on Twitter: ‘We signed @EgoEllaMay in 2019 x So proud to see the journey.’

Singer-songwriter Ego Ella May added: ‘MY DEBUT ALBUM ‘HONEY FOR WOUNDS’ IS OUT NOW!!! I’ve been crying. I can’t believe it’s out and with you all- wow, what a feeling! 

‘Thank you SO much for your patience with me on this- I truly do believe it’s here at the perfect time though; and I couldn’t have done it any other way. 

‘Thank you to everyone involved who has made this album what it is- you see my name on the forefront but I am not alone in all this work! 

‘I worked with numerous friends and I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to call upon these greats for help! 

‘I made it to heal myself, but in turn my intention was and is to provide music to heal to for you as well! I hope I’ve done so. 

‘I hope it helps you feel validated, and held. Please BUY the album and share it with everyone you know! I love you, I’m with you- happy listening!!’

John had started his record label last year to produce the soundtrack for his new film God Is Good, which he was also executive producing.

The soundtrack to the film will feature African artists including rapper YoungstaCPT, and John told Deadline: ‘Josephine [Rose], Yara [Shaikh],  Stefan [Wade] and I also all share a passion for music and this film enables us to work with local talent in South Africa to find those voices and help put them on the international stage by also bringing on internationally renowned Afro beats artists.

‘The team will work with artists across the continent of Africa to create a soundtrack that represents and gives voice to the incredible range of music talent and sound that the continent produces.’

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