Junior Andre says dad Peter is ‘too strict’ and ‘more lenient’ with Princess

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The relationship between father and son is beautiful but can be difficult. And Peter and Junior Andre are a perfect example of that.

The pair, who are alike in both temperament and looks, aren't afraid of admitting that they frequently clash. And with Junior having just turned 16, many of their arguments revolve around what he sees as his Dad being more lenient with his sister Princess, the teen revealed in a chat with OK!.

Junior tells us: "He is way more lenient with her. I wasn’t allowed to take my phone up to my room to do homework but Princess is.

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"I also had to go private on Instagram when I was at my dad’s. Princess is public on Instagram and dad is very against that but he still lets her do it," Junior complains.

But Pete defends treating the pair, whose mother is Katie Price, differently: "She’s very good with her phone and always leaves it downstairs all night."

He continues: "With Instagram, Bista [Princess] went against my rules going public and when she came back to my house she was worried that she would lose all her followers if she had to go private, so we came up with a compromise, which was Junior’s idea, to turn off the comments."

Peter also says that he wanted to protect his kids from the dangers of social media as much as possible but that hasn't always been manageable.

"I wanted them both to be private until they were 14, just so I could see I was happy with what they were posting," he says. "In two weeks when she turns 14 she can have the comments on and can take her phone to her room, which is a big deal for her."

The pair go on to discuss Junior's milestone birthday, with Pete admitting: "It’s crazy to think about." Peter also runs through Junior's present wish list – and reveals what he thinks about the items on it!

He says: "For his birthday he wants things I really don’t want him to have. For example, earrings, a moped and a few other things. I get why he wants the earrings and he’s a good-looking lad, but it scares me.

"I’m scared of the moped as I’ve never ridden a motorbike, but Junior has assured me they can only go 30mph and can’t go on certain roads. So maybe I’m overthinking it. He could rebel, but then the difference is he wouldn’t be coming into my house!"

It seems the prospect of gaining his driving licence is the thing Junior is most excited about when it comes to getting older. "I’ll be driving in a year. I cannot wait; that’s my dream right now. I can drive wherever I want," he laughs.

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