Kane Brown on Biracial Dilemma: ‘They Want Me to Pick a Side’

The ‘What Ifs’ crooner opens up about the struggle about being born of a white mother and a black father, saying that he gets ‘pushed from one side to the other.’

AceShowbizKane Brown‘s mixed background has apparently put him in a tight spot. As the Black Lives Matter movement continued to bring to light the racial injustice happening across the country, the “What Ifs” hitmaker opened up about the dilemma he faced for being biracial.

A little over a month after debuting his uniting single “Worldwide Beautiful”, the 26-year-old admitted that he felt that some people pulled him in one direction or the other as a son of a white mother and a black father. “I’m trying to bring everybody together, and they want me to pick a side,” he honestly told HITS Daily Double. “I even get pushed from one side to the other. I’m both, and both push back. So I try to understand and see each without losing the other.”

The country crooner went on to explain, “If I’m coming from my black side, I’m super-scared if a cop pulls me over. But the cop? They’re in the line of fire every day, and that’s part of it.” He concluded, “So I try to love everybody: the cops who do their jobs, anyone who’s a good person in this society.”

It did not mean he could escape trolls from both side of the races though. “When people start bad-mouthing me, I get upset, and it’s both sides too. I’m both and I’m neither, depending how you see it, but it ends up with me up in the socials deleting comments,” he confessed.

While admitting 2020 is a tough year, Kane was glad his 9-month-old daughter, Kingsley, would not have any memories of the current happenings. Still, he could not help but note that he has “a lot of people coming at me, asking, ‘How are you going to explain to her when she’s pulled over?’ and ‘What are you going to tell her about the difference between her and her white friends?’ “

Talking about “Worldwide Beautiful” itself, the “Lose It” singer spilled how he and his co-writer Shy Carter came up with the song. “We couldn’t figure out what to write. Me and Shy, who are both biracial, were sitting on the back porch, looking into the woods,” he recalled. “We talk a lot, and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be worldwide beautiful if people saw past what made them different. How we’re all everything.’ He said, ‘Yeah, dawg, that’s awesome. Let’s write it.’ “

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