Kate Hudson would have dated Jimmy Fallon in 2000 but he never made a move

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Kate Hudson was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where they reminisced about working together on Almost Famous 20 years ago. I can’t believe that movie came out 20 years ago! I also didn’t realize Jimmy Fallon was in that, he was a manager type and you can see his scene here.

Jimmy was playing a drinking game with Margot Robbie on his show in December, 2018 when he admitted that Kate Hudson was the “costar you thought you could have dated but didn’t.” That’s at 6 minutes into this video. He said “We were hanging out, we were friends, I thought there could be something. We never did anything.” He then went to describe a night when they were at a comedy show together and ran into Chris Robinson, Kate’s future husband. They went ice skating the next day and Kate asked him to bring his Black Crowes CDs to borrow. While they were ice skating Kate admitted to Jimmy she had a date with Chris that night! That’s hilarious, and I don’t know how I missed that story when it came out. (E! reports that Kate met Chris at a party in May, 2000 but it must have been earlier if it was cold enough to skate.)

Kate of course had seen the clip of Jimmy admitting he liked her back in the day. On his show she told him that she would have dated him but assumed he didn’t like in that way since he never made a move. They were both adorable and Jimmy looked so embarrassed.

Do you remember how much fun we all had [making Almost Famous]?
Some of the best laughs I ever had in my entire life were from that movie.

And then you and I ended up hanging out all the time. A hundred people [sent] me that clip from your show.
I had no idea [you liked me]. You gave me no indication.

I felt like we were good together. We good buddies. We hung out all the time.
If you would have actually made a move I would have totally gone there. I remember thinking to myself ‘why has Jimmy never made a move? Oh he’s not into me like that.’ And so then I met Chris.

That’s not the story at all!
I was a single girl, I was in New York. Our whole life trajectory could have been different.

Everything turned out perfect
Exactly the way it was supposed to.

[From The Tonight Show on YouTube]

I had a friend from work like this! He ended up getting married and he invited me to the wedding. Now that I think about it he must have liked me, but I have the same story, he never made a move. He would come over to my house and hang out too. That’s what happens. I’ve always been afraid to make the first move because I think that’s the guy’s job and I might get rejected or that he might sleep with me and not want anything more than that. I have to change my expectations around dating.

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