Kate Lawler slams trolls who accuse her of triggering anorexics in shock comments

Kate Lawler has hit back at Instagram trolls who have accused her of "triggering anorexics" with photos of her body.

The former Big Brother winner turned TV and radio presenter, 43, shared some holiday snaps which showed off her figure, but some of the comments turned nasty went some social media users accused her of being "too thin."

Now Kate has hit out at those trolling her on social media, as she told The Sun: "If someone is on Instagram showing their curves and grabbing their rolls, it’s all, ‘You go girl, well done you!

"They’re celebrated, called real women. Well, why can’t a real woman be a healthy size eight? It’s crazy."

Kate also discussed how some commentators had likened her physique to that of fellow Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame, who passed away from anorexia in 2021.

Responding to these comments, Kate said: "I honestly couldn’t believe it. To compare me to her is outrageous and so insensitive to Nikki’s family."

It comes after Kate's husband Martin Bojtos slammed those commenting on his wife's weight.

Responding to the comments, Martin wrote: "I love that people are concerned about my wife's weight when I cook for her," before adding a laughing face emoji."

He then added: "Guys, chill – it's the camera angle. Put the phone down and go outside for a bit."

Kate also snapped back after one Instagram user commented: "You are beautiful but I do worry about what message it sends to young girls."

To which she replied: "What message do you think I’m trying to make here? As I eat a raspberry croissant for breakfast I’m genuinely curious to hear your reply."

Following this influx in trolling, Kate posted a snap of a delicious afternoon tea on her stories, the mum-of-one drew circles around the various scones, pastries and cakes, before sharing a pointed message to her followers.

"Things I ate yesterday," she wrote, followed by a melting face emoji and a middle finger emoji.

Kate's fans have since shared their support for the beloved TV star, as many slammed the comments on her appearance.

One person wrote: "Kate has ALWAYS been slim. It’s her natural frame. Leave her alone. She is a busy mother of a toddler [two heart emojis]"

"Why the need for the comments about her size??!! Absolutely rages me come on ladies let’s support each other and build each other up" added another.

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