Kelsea Ballerini Announces New Album, Drops Stripped-Down Version Of ‘Club’

Kelsea Ballerini announced plans to drop a new album, ballerini, on September 11 via Black River Entertainment.

ballerini features stripped-down version of the 13 songs from her most recent project, kelsea.

She also dropped the first song off the new album, “club (ballerini album version).”

Ballerini said that during the lockdown period she deconstructed each song and re-recorded everything with minimal accompaniment.

“kelsea is glitter: bold and effervescent and dreams that are boundless. She’s who I want to be. While ballerini is emotional, vulnerable, soft: observes her surroundings and chooses her words carefully. She’s who I am. The album ballerini is the result of the wonder and gets down to the heart of it. Introducing ballerini…the other side of the same story,” Ballerini said.

Meanwhile, Ballerini has received a nomination for Female Artist of the Year at the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards on September 16.

ballerini tracklist:

1. overshare (ballerini album version)
2. club (ballerini album version)
3. homecoming queen? (ballerini album version)
4. the other girl (ballerini album version)
5. love me like a girl (ballerini album version)
6. love and hate (ballerini album version)
7. bragger (ballerini album version)
8. hole in the bottle (ballerini album version)
9. half of my hometown (ballerini album version)
10. the way i used to (ballerini album version)
11. needy (ballerini album version)
12. a country song (ballerini album version)
13. la (ballerini album version)

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