Kerry Washington Defends Eva Longoria After She Seems to Dismiss Black Women Voters

Kerry Washington defended Eva Longoria after she made remarks that seemed to dismiss the impact of Black women voters on the 2020 election.

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday, Longoria was asked about how Latina voters may have contributed to President-elect Joe Biden’s triumph in the race.

“The women of color showed up in big ways,” she answered. “Of course, you saw in Georgia what Black women have done, but Latina women were the real heroines here, beating men in turnout in every state and voting for Biden–Harris at an average rate close to three to one.”

Her remarks immediately drew backlash from viewers.

“Latina women were the ‘real’ heroines here. You just dismissed black women’s efforts when even Joe Biden acknowledged it. Stop it!” wrote one Twitter user.

Another commented, “Black women overwhelmingly voted Biden, Latinas did not and especially not Latino men. That comment about Latinas being ‘the real heroine’ was very unnecessary.”

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