Keyshia Cole’s Sister Drags Malika Haqq in O.T. Genasis Feud: Your Baby Mama Pops Pills

Elite Noel accuses O.T.’s ex-girlfriend Malika of abusing drugs and ‘suckin d**k in and out the Hollywood hills for decades’ as Keyshia’s brother Sean has also weighed in on his sister’s feud with the ‘CoCo’ rapper.

AceShowbizKeyshia Cole and O.T. Genasis‘ feud is getting uglier. While the veteran rap star has stopped responding to O.T.’s disses, Keyshia’s sister Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh continues trading shots with the Atlanta-born star. And now the drama has involved Keyshia’s other sister Elite Noel as well as O.T.’s baby mama Malika Haqq after O.T. shaded Keyshia’s mother.

In a now-deleted Instagram post dated Wednesday, April 15, Elite accused Malika, who gave birth to her and O.T.’s son in March, of abusing drugs and labeling her a b***h for sleeping with a number of guys. “Hey otgenasis you said you don’t like street b***hes and h*es and drug addics but ya baby mama been suckin d**k in and out the Hollywood hills for decades ……. black d**k , white d**k , small d**k , big d**ks…. skinny d**ks , fat d**ks , rich d**ks poppin pills ? like they Tylenol’s !!!!!!!!!!…….,” she wrote in a profanity-laden tirade.

Not stopping there, Elite went more specific by naming O.T.’s ex. “I want all the smoke bout my mama …… and since I can’t catch him U gotta take the licks @malika and it’s not about keyshia nor neffe because they can handle they own,” she continued.

Elite was pissed off after O.T. took a dig at her mother in one of his posts. Elite claimed, “but my mama ……. that’s out wit me….. all bets are off! (We fuss and fight wit Frankie cause we love her , never on some hateful s**t ! Gettin on social media jokin bout sellin my mama crack is some hateful s**t! So now his family not exempt) and I ain’t talkin bout his baby nor his other kids ….I’m talkin bout his b***h…. any of em….all of em ….line em tf up) matter fact you got any sisters that wanna get in the gloves wit me ? ?”

Elite took issue with O.T.’s posts in which he poked fun at her and Keyshia’s mother. “I almost went to jail one time….For selling CRAC TO YO MOMMA,” he wrote, after posting a picture of Keyshia’s mother.

The same posts also triggered reaction from Keyshia’s brother Sean Cole, who said he was sitting back about the whole situation, thinking O.T. was simply kidding around until he talked about their mother. “I’m really sitting back laughing with the n***a like, ‘Oh s**t he made her come off her little high horse,’ ” he said in a video. “I’m thinkin’ he’s joking with her. I didn’t realize the n***a was a whole a** b***h and was really emotional. But still, I wasn’t made. Like I said, my sister is a big dawg. She picks her fight and doesn’t call saying, ‘Get ’em lil bro.’ “

But that changed once O.T. brought Keyshia’s mother into the feud. “You know you done f**ked up now, don’t you? My mama had nothing to do with this s**t. My mom been fighting this battle for a long time. My mama represent all of the real n***as’ mamas from the real struggle,” Sean continued, before calling O.T. “a suburban a** Crip.”

He added, “Your mama didn’t do no drugs ’cause your mama was probably was livin’ in a big a** house. You was probably with her the whole time. So you probably a p***y. My mama like Afeni Shakur on some other s**t. Really what I’m bout to do is … I’m gonna beat your muthaf**kin’ ass. I’m on you.”

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