Kim Kardashian Accused of Using Photoshop to “Slim Down” 6-Year-Old Daughter!

We all know that Kim Kardashian has been using photoshop to touch-up her Instagram pics throughout her career.

But usually, Kim sticks to doctoring her own physique.

Now, she’s being accused of editing a photo to make her daughter look skinnier.

And understandably, fans are more than a little disturbed by the idea that Kim would feel the need to “improve upon” a photo of 6-year-old North.

The @Celebface Instagram account posts evidence of photoshopping by celebs, and its admins believe Kim scandalously altered a recent photo of her eldest child.

According to the folks who run that page photo below is the original image:

Obviously, there’s nothing abnormal about the pic as shown, and it doesn’t seem that Kim would have any reason to retouch it.

But Kim has been accused of posting the photo below on her Instagram page and passing it off as the original.

As usual, the retouching is subtle but unmistakable when the two photos are viewed side-by-side.

“Have you ever seen non-natural children photos on Instagram?” @Celebface asked its followers, implying that Kim had followed her obsession with visual perfection into uncharted territory.

Comments on the photo indicate that in the eyes of many fans — or former fans, as the case may be — Kim has reached a new low in her alleged obsession wih beauty and physical perfection.

“I mean filters and Facetune. Do these women think their kids aren’t good enough for their Instagram pages?” one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“It’s sad when someone cares about perfection so much and loses touch with reality,” another commented.

“As a mother and just as a person, this make me very sad,” a third user chimed in.

Others remarked on what sort of long-term psychological effects such actions might have on Kim’s kids.

After all, it won’t be long before North will be able to use the internet and understand controversies like this one for herself.

“Wtf? And what about when these kids are adults and look at these photos from when they were kids,” wrote one user.

“Are they going to question their worth and have major insecurity issues? When does it end??”

The Sun claims to have reached out to Kim for comment and received no reply.

Given the level of backlash, we’re guessing Mrs. Kardashian-West won’t be commenting on this situation anytime soon.

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