Kristen Doute Lashes Out at Vanderpump Rules Castmates: Stop Bullying Me, Mean Girls!

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, you probably noticed a pair of alarming trends:

1. The formerly-addictive series is showing signs of age in a major way.

2. Some cast members have decided to offset the lack of entertaining drama in their lives by concocting a fake feud with Kristen Doute and treating their former friend like sh-t at every opportunity.

The situation came to a head on this week’s episode, when Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got married for a second time, and Kristen wasn’t invited to their gaudy Vegas nuptials.

(The fact that Vanderpump has essentially deteriorated into a show about weddings and wedding planning is another upsetting trend, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

This was an unforgivably low-blow for a number of reasons.

It’s one thing not to invite a longtime friend to a casual wine night when you’re temporarily on the outs, but to exclude them from your wedding?

That’s the sort of thing that can bring a friendship to a crashing halt.

Obviously, Kristen is not completely blameless in all of this.

Like every member of the Vanderpump cast, she’s committed her share of atrocities, the most appalling of which might be introducing James Kennedy to the rest of the group.

But her latest misdeed is … complaining too much about her relationship? Not dumping Carter as promptly as Katie and Stassi Schroeder would have liked?

Whatever it is, it’s not severe enough to deserve being excluded from a life event as major as the wedding of two of your best friends.

Some — maybe even most — of the drama on Vanderpump is manufactured for television these days.

But the Kristen-Katie-Stassi beef is very real, as evidenced by the heartfelt plea for sympathy that Kristen posted on Insagram this week:

“Everyone has a right to be themselves. Everyone has their own version of what’s cute to them,” Doute wrote in her Story.

“Their style, their quirks, their compassion, whatever it may be,” she continued. 

“You know what’s NOT cute? Being in your 30’s and still being a mean girl. Being that age and being an asshole #pumprules.” 

As many fans pointed out, the fact that Kristen hashtagged the show can be taken as a sign that she wanted her co-stars to see the post, and she wanted to leave no doubt as to whom she’s talking about.

It’s rare that the Vanderpump stars are so blunt with one another publicly, and it’ a good indication that Kristen has really had enough of being mistreated.

Katie and Stassi have yet to respond publicly, but with any luck, the Witches of WeHo will get this thing sorted out in time for Stassi and Beau’s wedding.

Aw, that’s all we’re gonna hear about next season, isn’t it?

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