Kristin Cavallari’s Hills Co-Stars Weigh In On ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ Of Her Divor

We’ve heard a lot about Kristin Cavallari‘s surprising divorce from Jay Cutler, mostly from anonymous sources close to the couple with varied insights into the seemingly out-of-nowhere split.

But what do KCav’s real friends think about the breakup? And by her real friends we of course mean her reality TV fam from The Hills.

On Monday’s all new episode of The Speidi PodcastSpencer PrattHeidi Montag, and Audrina Patridge spoke about the split — and made it clear they were definitely “Team Kristin.”

Spencer said hopefully:

“I think Kristin is going to be better off. I’m excited for her new chapter — hopefully on The Hills, you know, dating.”

Yasss! We don’t know what the chances are Kristin will actually return to The Hills but considering her current situation New Beginnings may be exactly what she needs. It certainly would be something we’d want to watch!

If Kristin did return to the reality show, Audrina would be a fantastic source of support. The Prey Swim designer knows a thing or two about divorce. Her split from Corey Bohan in 2017 got ugly — with restraining orders and accusations of domestic violence — and dragged on for months.

She weighed in with her own experience, saying:

“Divorce is hard. She’ll get through it, though. We talked a little bit two or three weeks ago when it first all came out. She just needs time to process and feel — it’s literally almost like mourning a death going through divorce. There’s highs and lows of fighting and being so sad and thinking, ‘Did I do the right thing?’ It’s like an emotional rollercoaster.”

However, having gone through such a dark, stressful divorce means she also knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel, one Kristin will find soon enough. She said reassuringly:

“Kristin’ll be fine. She’s a tough girl.”

Heidi agreed, praising their former co-star:

“She is one of the most resilient, awesome, powerful women.”

Spencer paid her a compliment in the form of a quip, joking she could actually profit off the sad situation:

“I guarantee you she writes a New York Times bestseller, How to Divorce and Win.”

Ha! But don’t think for a second Spencer’s levity means he isn’t supportive! As Heidi made clear:

“We’re totally Team Kristin.”

Will her new life include appearing on the MTV revival show? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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