Kumeyaay Native Americans Refuse to Fight Back as Woman Attacks Them

A group of Southern California Native Americans opted not to strike back as they were being pummeled by a woman who didn’t like their protest against Trump’s border wall.

This was posted by a group called Defend Kumeyaay Land — natives who originated in San Diego County — and while members of their tribe were out by the border Friday protesting the ongoing construction of more barriers, they were confronted by a very handsy, violent lady.

The woman comes off as the aggressor, charging the group and telling them to scram — while also hurling xenophobic remarks and telling the group this is her land, not theirs.

They tell her she’s being recorded, and that angers her even more … at which point she starts swinging on them, pushing them and locking arms with them as they try fending off her blows and peacefully restraining her. What they say they won’t do … hit back, not at all.

You have to watch this for yourself, because it is incredibly powerful — the Kumeyaay natives repeat over and over that they’re non-violent and that they will NOT reciprocate her attack.

Eventually, the woman seems to get worn down and almost bitter at the fact they’re not matching her energy … so they one-up her with kindness once more, forming a prayer circle around her and carrying on in a chant. The woman seems dumbfounded, and then mocks them.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

BTW, this is far from the only peaceful face-off they’ve had with folks down there of late — the Kumeyaayans have been actively discouraging the further construction of the border wall on what they deem their native land, saying they’ve chased off some construction workers with song and dance … or at the very least, pausing it. It’s a pretty incredible demonstration.

If you’re into it … feel free to check out more about their cause here. We’re sure they’d appreciate the support.

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