Kyle Richards Claims Lisa Vanderpump Is 'Gaslighting' As Feud Rages On!

The fight just won’t stop!

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have been arguing back and forth ever since Lisa thought it’d be funny to send her former co-star her dinner bill. But in all Kyle’s efforts to convince the 60-year-old to “move on” from the confrontation, the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star can’t seem to do the same either!

On Thursday, Richards slammed Vanderpump for a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight — going so far as to say the Overserved host is “gaslighting” her!

ICYMI, the restaurateur debunked the 52-year-old’s recent claims that she defaced a RHOBH poster that a “fan” was hoping to have signed when she left the restaurant following her very infamous decision to send her tab to her ex-bestie (which she later paid when Richards refused to). Now, the Bravolebrity totally admitted she drew “a little mustache on Kyle” — but apparently the Days Of Our Lives alum got important details wrong. Telling ET’s Brice Sander her side of the story, Vanderpump explained:

“Again, Kyle makes it about her and says it was a kid’s picture. It was a paparazzi guy — you know when they have the 10x12s? He said, ‘Will you sign this for me?’”

She also added:

“Oh, I thought, ‘Well, I’ll also draw a little mustache on Kyle’ … and he was loving it and so excited, but Kyle started saying it was a kid’s photograph. It’s the paparazzi guy that stands outside.”

Within the same interview, the Brit even suggested that Kyle was being purposely manipulative in her retellings of the evening, in “another attempt” to “try to malign” her. Wow!

As Perezcious readers might expect, Kyle was NOT going to let those accusations slide without having a say. Though it feels like neither woman will truly ever get the last word on this topic since they just keep verbally attacking each other! Responding to a clip shared to Instagram, Richards wrote:

“I NEVER said it was a ‘kid’s photo’ talk about gaslighting. It WAS a fan, NOT a paparazzi. Now for the love of God, let it go Lisa.”

Earlier in the day, the actress told E!’s Daily Pop:

“It’s time to move on.”

She even added a screenshot of a news article to her Story with a Frozen gif (below)!

Not so easy to just “move on” though, is it, Kyle?! Fans haven’t been very enamored with this fight as it ranges on either. Many viewers started to call out the stars for their backward way of handling the situation, expressing on Twitter:

“If kyle would just ignore it and stop responding and giving it life it would just fade away..she rakes every opportunity to pick the scab.”

“hey BOTH , are keeping this going by responding. if one of them would just simply say NO COMMENT everything they are ask it would be over. they both wanna be right.”

What do YOU think, readers?! Will Kyle or Lisa EVER stop arguing with one another? It certainly doesn’t feel like it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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