Kylie Jenner Put "Rise and Shine" to Bed With a New Viral Singing Moment, and Celebs Love It

Kylie Jenner is putting “rise and shine” to rest with her newest viral singing moment, and the internet is already obsessed. During Oct. 8’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, the 23-year-old reality TV star broke into song while her family was at dinner. “‘Cause I’m going to get wasteeed, I just finished a cold cup of 42 and I’m bout to go for my second one,” she sang. “Kourtney, what the f*ck are you on?”

It’s worth noting that this silly song came while Kylie was fighting with her older sister, Kendall. Kourtney Kardashian might’ve been trying to ease the tension when she responded, “I don’t know what’s going on, so I’m just appreciating my bread.” Commenters pointed out this is basically a spot-on comparison of your priorities in your 20s vs. 40s.

Like the “rise and shine” rendition from last year, Kylie’s latest vocals have sparked celebrity imitations. New parents Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner re-created the scene at home, while birthday girl Bella Hadid rang in her 24th with a little Kylie action of her own. Check out the original performance above, and then see how the stars are paying tribute to the hilarious moment.

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