Lauren Conrad: Any time I would take for myself is replaced with cooking and cleaning

Lauren Conrad has a new interview with People to promote her children’s clothing line with Kohl’s. She’s had a popular women’s clothing line there for years and is expanding it to kids. In comparison to how messy Lauren’s former costar, Kristin Cavallari is, Lauren keeps her personal life relatively quiet. She does show her kid’s faces on Instagram, but she shares just a few tidbits about her life. It sounds like she’s struggling in lockdown like a lot of other parents. Her children are very little, she has boys Charlie Wolf, who is seven months, and Liam James, who is two and a half. That’s already a ton of work but add in having to watch them 24/7 and take care of a house and it sounds like she’s burnt out. Lauren told People that she gets very little time to herself, but that her husband is supportive.

“We’re in survival mode…

“Our kids need a lot of attention. We’re living in a world of LEGOs and train sets! It’s been a real balancing act.”

As far as personal time during the lockdown, Conrad says it’s been a bit elusive. “Any time throughout the day that I would have taken for myself has been replaced with cooking and cleaning,” says The Little Market co-founder.

“The only time I have to myself is when the kids go down to sleep,” she tells PEOPLE. “Every night, I’ve been taking a bath with Little Market bath salts and having a glass of wine. It’s my favorite thing! When you have young children, you don’t get a lot of alone time.”

But Conrad gives plenty of credit to husband of five years Tell, 40, whom she calls “a great partner.” Says The Hills alum, “He’s good at doing what he needs to do, and really helping me out.”

In the end, “I am really trying to look at [the current situation] in a positive way, and remember that my kids are only going to be this small for so long. And I’m getting a chance to enjoy them in a way I maybe wouldn’t have before.”

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I could definitely relate to the cooking and cleaning part. It feels like I’m cooking, cleaning and doing laundry constantly, and I only have a teenager with me. I’ve been so tired lately, but I have to keep it in perspective that at least I’m not responsible for taking care of kids too. The “survival mode” quote makes it sound rough. My heart goes out to those of you with children at home, I can’t imagine what that’s like in quarantine. It sounds like Lauren is coping okay and that she has help from her husband. Plus she has a ritual she does at night to calm down. Maybe I need a nightly ritual like that too.

Happy Birthday to our favorite guy! We love you so much!

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