Leslie Jordan has started Dylan McDermott fan club ‘for middle-aged gay men’

Leslie Jordan has a new crush.

The 58-year-old “Will & Grace” star has become a breakout star on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic, drawing followers with his ribald and often raunchy videos.

Jordan took to Instagram on Sunday to announce he has a crush on actor Dylan McDermott and is creating a fan club dedicated to the “Steel Magnolias” star.

“It is with great fanfare that I’d like to announce the formation of the Dylan McDermott fan club for middle-aged gay men,” the 64-year-old character actor intoned.

“I, Leslie Jordan plan to be listed as the founder and the guiding light. I’m actually the one member right now but interest has been expressed and we’re working on a poster.”

McDermott, 58, who appeared with Jordan in “American Horror Story” is clearly delighted with the suggestion.

He commented: “I am not worthy! Can’t wait for the POSTER.”

“The Practice” actor then added: “Let’s do the remake of TWINS! I’m calling my agent now!”

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