Lisa Kudrow Didn’t Actually Know There Was A Real Space Force When She Filmed The Netflix Show

Lisa Kudrow is full admitting that she did not know that Space Force, the newest branch of the United States’ Military was an actual real thing.

The series, which will launch on Netflix next week, is a satircal comedy based on the branch, which President Donald Trump announced in 2018, and just recently, revealed the flag for.

“I had no idea,” Lisa told Entertainment Weekly. “I really did not know that the president said, ‘Let’s have a Space Force.’ I mean, I just can’t keep up, so I missed that one. ”

She adds that when she was approached to star in the project, “it was just, ‘We’re doing the show, why don’t you do it?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah! Of course! Why wouldn’t I?’ It’s Greg [Daniels] and Steve [Carell]. And then he said, ‘Yeah, John Malkovich is in it,’ and I was like, ‘Oh wow!’”

“But sorry, dumbass here didn’t know there was actually a Space Force,” Lisa continued, “It’s so embarrassing because when I saw the last State of the Union and he mentioned Space Force, I went, ‘Oh! It’s a real thing!’ The whole time we’re shooting, it didn’t come up.”

She went on, “I think everybody assumed I knew it was a real thing. I usually keep up with what’s going on, but to me there’s so much — and sometimes I don’t know what’s a joke and what isn’t. I don’t mean with this show, I mean in life — that I missed it.”

The logo for the sixth military branch was recently unveiled and a lot of people had some funny things to say about it.

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