Louis Partridge Reveals Why He & Millie Bobby Brown Didn’t Kiss In ‘Enola Holmes’

It’s been almost two full weeks since Enola Holmes premiere on Netflix!

There is one thing that fans were waiting to happen, but it never did – a kiss between Louis Partridge‘s Tewkesbury and Millie Bobby Brown‘s Enola.

Well, there was actually a kiss written in the script, but Louis dished on why it never happened.

“There was meant to be a kiss scene. Well not a kiss scene but like a little kiss on the cheek or something at the gates when I’m in my, you know, top hat about to go in to vote,” he told Australian publication Girlfriend. “But we decided on the day to leave it sort of up in the air or leave it hanging, which I think was a really good call. Because it’s sort of, you know, it’s ambiguous, we don’t really know.”

“And it also I think it’s quite innocent,” he continued. “It’s not one thing, that relationship, there’s elements of romance, obviously, but then they also get on really, really well. And so I really liked it.”

“You know, they don’t have to define sort of where they are and they just get on well together as people so I hope the internet received it like that, and not just like, ‘oh my god, they’re in love.’”

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