Love Island USA make us all proud as it confirms the first ever same-sex kiss

Love Island USA, which just welcomed a former UK Islander to the cast, has made reality TV history as two female contestants shared a groundbreaking snog.

Singletons Kassy Castillo and Johnnie Garcia shared an intimate moment on one of the sofas in the villa, as they both admitted to having feelings for each other.

“I obviously find you attractive… obviously!” Kassy, 22, said, giggling as she went: “I just didn’t know if you felt like the attraction too and stuff. So I just wanted to see if you’re seeing that, I don’t know?”

“B***h I been seeing it,” Johnnie, 25, said, “what do you mean!”

“Okay, I just want to know, like, we joke around and stuff but I didn’t know if it was really joking or not,” Kassy continued, looking sheepish.

Johnnie then assured her that she wasn’t “joking”, before the two women erupted into awkward laughter.

“When I’m seeing you, I would think, like, we would be cute together, I wouldn’t mind exploring more, just whenever, so…” Kassy continued, after the pair were awkwardly interrupted by the boys playing a game of footie in the garden.

The two girls then locked lips, and viewers were initially convinced they would couple up.

But fans were left disappointed during last night’s recoupling, when Kassy instead opted to pair up with Leonardo Dionicio, despite ending things with him a few days earlier.

Viewers took to X to share how upset they were with the decision, with one writing: “you can tell Johnnie was hurt and that hurt me too! Kassy should’ve taken a chance with her.”

Another simply said they were “disappointed but not surprised.”

Others were just shocked that Kassy had opted to give her on and off beau Leo what she described as a “last chance.”

Kassy and Leo, 21, had been coupled up before the show’s biggest test of loyalty, Casa Amor, which saw them separated for days as they both tried to get to know new entrants.

Kassy was astonished to find out, when they were reunited, that Leo had not only had his head turned by new girl Johnnie, but that they had even slept together in the Casa Amor villa.

Although they were initially love rivals when Leo brought Johnnie into the main villa, she and Kassy wound up being friends and even seem to share a bit of a romantic spark themselves.

If they do decide to couple up at some point, they would only be the second same-sex couple of the entire Love Island franchise.

Back in 2016, UK contestants Katie Salmon, who recently had her car vandalised in a shocking attack, and Sophie Gradon opted to pick each other, rather than one of the boys, but their coupling didn’t last.

Sophie, who tragically took her life in 2018, ended up voluntarily leaving the villa to pursue a romance with Tom Powell.

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