Love Island’s Malin: Being a single mums overwhelming – I wish mine was still here

Malin Andersson has shared the struggles she faces being a single mum to her daughter Xaya, candidly admitting she gets "really lonely".

The former Love Island star, 30, who has revealed she's open to finding love again, welcomed Xaya in February 2022 with boyfriend Jared. However, the pair split just five weeks later.

In an exclusive chat, Malin told us: "Being a single mum is overwhelming. I get really lonely at night.

"As soon as Xaya goes to bed, I can’t leave the house. I can’t just nip out for a meal or a coffee unless I have a babysitter, and they’re hard to find."

Malin added that she often wishes her mum Consy, who she lost to cancer in 2017, was still here to help. “There have been a lot of times when I’ve cried and wished my mum was there," she said.

Speaking about the struggles that come with co-parenting, Malin explained that she and Jared don’t spend much time together other than “handing Xaya over”.

She said: “We were friends to begin with, then we got together, and now we’re strangers at the minute."

It's no secret that Malin has had a tough past.

In 2019, her daughter Consy, named after her late mum, died after being born seven weeks prematurely. The following year, she revealed her ex-boyfriend and Consy’s father, Tom Kemp, had abused her throughout their relationship.

Malin and Tom were together from January 2018 to March 2019. During that time, he was both emotionally and physically abusive toward her, and was later given a 10-month prison sentence by Aylesbury Crown Court after admitting actual bodily harm.

However, Malin hasn't given up hope when it comes to love. She insists there’s still room in her heart and that she’s even ready to “find a husband”.

“Everybody wants to fall in love, don’t they? I’m ready to meet somebody and I have faith that I will,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to end up with a nice guy.”

But she won't be rushing into anything, as she's determined to put her daughter first.

“The dating game is different now. I have to think, ‘Will this guy be a good stepdad to my daughter?’ Which, on your first date, is sort of psycho material,” she said. “But you’ve got to go through a process of elimination and trust your gut and intuition.”

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