Lucy Alexanders keen to get back on telly as BBC exit left her out of a job

Laura Hamilton joined by Lucy Alexander at new property

Lucy Alexander made her show debut on Homes Under The Hammer in 2003 but announced she had quit in 2016.

The property expert has since gone on to present various television shows and projects since her show exit including The Customer Is Always Right and A Place In The Sun, just to name a few.

The 53-year-old admitted it was “not the greatest of times” when her BBC show, The Customer Is Always Right, that aired in 2019 was not recommissioned following the Covid pandemic in 2020.

The presenter said she is eager to get back on TV screens after being out of work for a short period.

“I love Long Lost Family,” Lucy told as she shared that the show is something she would consider presenting.

The ITV show, presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, offers a last chance for people who are desperate to find long lost relatives.

Lucy continued: “I watched Davina McCall on the show and I’m always messaging them saying, ‘Oh my god I had the tissues.’ I just love that programme. That would be one of my utter favourites to host. That is something I would do.

“I like being around people but anything at all to be back on telly. I’m used to kind of having that daytime slot where I’m on the TV every day.

“I do miss that even though I’m still on Homes Under The Hammer. I would like to get back to doing a regular show.”

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Addressing her time off-screen, the presenter shared: “I had a couple of years off. My mother died – she sadly passed away. Then we kicked off with Covid.

“I just feel like we have had a few years of having a lot of time to process and think. The kids have all gone off now and flown the nest. I definitely feel like I’m ready for a new challenge.”

Lucy has kept busy with various television projects but admittedly went through a quiet period when she took some time out.

“I kind of just finished Customers Always Right. I had just finished filming that,” Lucy recalled.

“We were up for a big RTS award. It was successful and we were looking at maybe doing another one.”

She continued: “Then it was Covid, then we didn’t get recommissioned, and then I was out of a job. I didn’t have any work.

“Unless you were one of those people who were working on Hammer or on a different programme you were stuck at home. We are all self-employed, don’t forget.”

Lucy admitted: “It wasn’t the greatest of times for me. I still had a mortgage to pay and a family to feed.

“I’ve had a good few years now where it has been a little bit quiet.

“So I’m definitely ready to get back on the TV really. That’s what I want to do.”

Earlier this year, Lucy fronted an episode of A Place In The Sun.

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays on BBC One at 11.15am.

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