Marvin Humes reveals he can’t wait to have a boy in the house following pregnancy announcement with wife Rochelle

There was a time, back in his JLS days, when it seemed Marvin Humes rarely left the house without wearing an extremely low v-neck! These days, the 35-year-old’s style is so on point, he’s become the first ever menswear ambassador for high
street staple Next.

It’s not the only good news. Marvin and his wife, This Morning’s fashion guru and former The Saturdays singer Rochelle, 31, are looking forward to the birth of their first son in October. The couple already have two girls – Valentina, three, and Alaia, six – who, according to Marvin, “prayed and wished” for a baby brother. With a household full of girls, including Ginger the Cockapoo, he couldn’t be happier, telling OK! magazine, “I’m just so excited!”

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There’s a buzz on the music front, too. Following a seven-year break, Marvin’s hoping to be heading back on the road with JLS. All things going to plan, their Beat Again reunion tour kicks off in November, just weeks after his son’s due date, and will include a special gig that’s free for NHS workers. “That was Roch’s idea,” Marvin tells OK!, adding, “It’s a small show of gratitude for all the times they’ve put their own lives at risk.”

Here, the former X Factor star jokes about his “female-heavy” household and reveals his male fashion icons…

Congratulations on both the baby and your Next style edit! Would you like to do a dad and son range in the future?

Well, Roch is very excited about buying dad and son swim shorts. She once bought a pair for me that matched the girls’ swimwear. It was cute but it’s not quite the same as me and my son wearing matching shorts.

As a Chelsea FC fan, you could do dad and son Chelsea pyjamas?

Yeah! Chelsea sent a little congratulations package for the girls, with two footballs, Chelsea kits and a bunch of nappies. It made me realise that we’re going to be back in the nappy stage soon. It’s mad. Valentina was out of nappies at two, so it’s really easy to leave the house now. In a few months we’ll be back to making sure we have a serious bag packed.

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You’re about to be outnumbered, three kids to two adults. How do you feel about that?

I’ve always been outnumbered in the girl versus boy ratio. We’ve even got a girl dog, Ginger. But when we have our son then, yeah, Roch and I will be outnumbered. People say you have to “man-mark” your kids, so each one has an adult looking out for them. Thankfully Alaia’s so grown up and so excited to be a big sister, we’ll make the most of her help.
She can be like the little mummy.

Is it nice to have a boy on the way?

Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong, I actually wanted to have a girl first time around so I could have that daddy-daughter thing. But Roch has always wanted the mummy’s boy thing. So for her it’s amazing because she’s now getting the son she’s wanted.

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What are you looking forward to doing with your son?

The stereotypical thing of going to the football. I’m always playing football with my girls in the garden so I hope they get into it, but I’m looking forward to having that daddy-son time when we can talk about male things, and not just glitter, hair and make-up. It’s very female heavy in my house. There’s a lot of pink and unicorns [laughs].

Do the girls do makeovers on you?

Yes! I fell asleep on the sofa the other day and woke up with lipstick and eyeliner on. That’s a favourite trick of Valentina’s. I’ve had my nails painted, toe nails too – the works. Any dad with daughters has had that done to them.

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Is it true Rochelle told you to get rid of the low v-necks from your JLS days?

I think I decided to get rid of those! We really did have some seriously low necklines, but that was the look then. It’s great having Roch for style advice. I’m lucky that we can be super honest with each other. Roch is very honest with me. She’ll say, “You’re not wearing that, Marv!” but she knows what she’s talking about.

Which male celebrity’s style do you look up to?

David Beckham never puts a foot wrong where fashion’s concerned. Dermot O’Leary and Oliver Cheshire make smart look effortlessly cool. For street style, I’m a big fan of my friend Tinie Tempah. He makes a hoodie with socks and sliders look cool.

Have you had any wardrobe malfunctions in public?

I was on stage with JLS when we had to do a really quick outfit change. I ran off in the wrong direction and had to jump over a 5ft barrier. I completely ripped my trousers. Everyone saw it.

What common style mistakes do men make?

Men are lazy when it comes to trying clothes on so we tend to go for the bigger size because it’s the easy option. But we need to put more effort in. Everyone’s different – I’m in between a medium and a large – but you shouldn’t wear something too big just because you can’t be bothered to check.

How does it feel to be Next’s first ever menswear ambassador?

It’s amazing – I grew up wearing the brand. I’ve gone for a smart-casual vibe, picking out 11 looks using 39 pieces from the spring/summer collections. They’re all comfortable items that you can wear during the day and into the evening – not too casual but not too dressy either.

What are your favourite pieces?

The button-through polo because it’s a super cool vintage piece and the co-ord suit, which is really versatile because it gives you three different looks.

Did you work out before the photo shoot?

As the date got closer I thought, “I’d better step it up and put down that packet of crisps!” I’m not getting any younger but I try my best to keep in shape and maintain my fitness. I do at least three workouts a week. During lockdown I’ve been doing high intensity Instagram sessions with my trainer.

How are you coping with lockdown?

We’re so lucky to have a nice house and garden. It’s a testing time for everyone and it must be extremely tough for single parents or couples who aren’t used to spending so much time together.

How are you and Rochelle finding it?

Roch and I have never had a nine-to-five schedule, so we’re used to both being at home for a length of time. The girls have adapted to homeschooling really well but every day you’ve got a lot of hats to wear. You’re a teacher, a dad, a husband, a friend. We’re just coping with it in our own way.

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