Miranda Cosgrove Says Sam’s Absence Will Be Addressed In First Episode of ‘iCarly’ Reboot

Miranda Cosgrove is confirming that Jennette McCurdy‘s character Sam Puckett’s absence will definitely be talked about on the upcoming iCarly reboot!

The 28-year-old actress opened up about the question on everyone’s minds in a new interview about the new series.

“Definitely, we touch a lot on the whole relationship with Sam and where Sam’s at in the pilot episode,” Miranda shared with EW. “And then we mention her a little bit throughout the season, so we’ll definitely explain that on the show.”

While she didn’t mention any specifics, we can look forward to finding out more once the show premieres on June 17th on Paramount+. If you missed it, check out the recently released trailer here!

There was an open invitation for Jennette to appear in some capacity in the reboot, but as she has explained previously, she has quit acting.

The upcoming reboot will see the return of a few other original characters though, Freddie’s mom and Nevel both appeared in the trailer.

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