MrBeast and PewDiePie Meet For the First Time In New Video Watch Here!

MrBeast and PewDiePie‘s first meeting took place back in April, but it’s only just now been released on YouTube!

The YouTube stars are two of the most followed people on the platform, and only just met for the first time THIS year.

While they have known each other virtually for quite some time, they’ve never crossed paths IRL, but they finally did meet while they both were in Tokyo at the same time this past spring.

Over the years, Jimmy (MrBeast) helped Felix (PewDiePie) in a subscriber race, then actually ended up surpassing him in the amount of subscribers, becoming the most followed individual (non-brand) channel on the site.

In MrBeast‘s latest YouTube video, he shows off the difference between different vacations, with the final being $250,000 in Tokyo, and that’s where the two meet up.

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“Even though we’ve been friends for a while, we’ve never actually met in person,” Jimmy says in the video. “And because this is such a long awaited meetup, I rented this entire amusement park. This is Fuji-Q Highland, the park with the scariest rides in all of Japan.”

However, Felix showed up late because Jimmy told him the wrong day.

But, once he did arrive, the guys rode the craziest coaster in the park, which left PewDiePie in tears at the end!

Check out the meetup in the video here…

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