Nick Cannons Father Cites His Alleged Anti-Abortion Stance for Back-to-Back Pregnancies

Defending his son’s decision to keep expanding his offspring, James Cannon shares the advice he gave to ‘The Masked Singer’ host, ‘I told Nick, ‘I’d rather you have as many kids [as possible.]’ ‘

AceShowbizNick Cannon‘s father has revealed the possible reason why the 40-year-old star continues to welcome children with different baby mamas. Defending his son’s decision to keep expanding his offspring, James Cannon has cited the multi-hypenated star’s alleged anti-abortion stance for the back-to-back pregnancies.

During an interview with The Sun, James was asked if he knows how many grandchildren he now has. “I’m going to say 12, 13, 14? I’ve read a couple of new reports, but I’m not claiming those until I talk to the papa myself,” he replied.

According to James, Nick does just what he told his son to do. “I believe children are blessings. And I teach my son, ‘Make as much money as you can, and have as many children as you can,’ ” he shared his advice to his son. “I told Nick, ‘I’d rather you have as many kids [as possible] and send those kids to college, pour into those kids, love those kids, teach those kids about God.’ “

James went on noting that he is pro-life, the principle that he believes is also held by Nick. “I would fight for family. I’m pro-life. I wrote a book called ‘Stop Hating: Can I Live?’ which is Nick’s story,” James said. The former “America’s Got Talent” host himself has a song titled “Can I Live?”, released in 2005, which tells the story of his mother ultimately deciding not to go through with aborting him.

When asked if he thinks his son shares the same stance in abortion, James elaborated, “You look at the video and you tell me … [Nick] wrote it, produced it and directed it. The music industry actually backed off of him because of this video. He was putting out conscious stuff like this, but they were like, ‘Nick, we want ‘Gigolo’ stuff, we want to hear about gangsta stuff!’ The pro-life industry put this on their websites, they still have it up and it was produced [more than] 10 years ago.”

James also had an excuse for Nick who has gotten different women pregnant with his children. “All I want to ask is ‘Son, have you asked all the right questions? And have you got the right answers? And have you put it in writing?’ ” he explained.

He further defended his son, “If Nick can provide those kids with culture, with love, God and life. And I’d say if a woman is worth having sex with, she’s worth having a baby with.” He stressed, “That’s what I’m teaching my sons. Let her be of quality, don’t sleep with women you wouldn’t have babies with, you’re tripping.”

Still, James realized that it won’t be easy to share children with multiple baby mamas. “If you stay with one woman it could be easy, if it’s going to be boom, boom, boom [with different women], you have to factor in that journey,” he admitted.

But at least James seems to have a good relationship with Nick’s ex Brittany Bell, who shares 4-year-old son Sagon and 6-month-old daughter Powerful with the rapper/comedian. “I have met Golden and Powerful, they come up often, I’d have a great relationship with all of them,” so James claimed.

Nick most recently welcomed twin sons, his fifth and sixth children, with DJ Abby De La Rosa. Just days later, model Alyssa Scott confirmed that she is pregnant with his seventh child.

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