Nick Jonas’ Cameo In ‘Dash & Lily’ Even Had The Cast Fangirling — EXCLUSIVE

Warning: Spoilers for Dash & Lily throughout. There’s something magical about Christmastime in New York that can make you feel like anything is possible, even meeting your childhood idol. In Netflix’s Dash & Lily, that fantasy became a reality for both the characters and the actors themselves. Nick Jonas’ cameo in Dash & Lily brought out the inner Jonas Brothers fan in the show’s cast members.

Jonas’ cameo in Dash & Lily makes perfect sense, since the singer is also a producer of the series. In fact, the show, which is based on the 2010 novel Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, is the first project under Jonas’ new company, Image32. But Jonas isn’t the only one of his brothers to appear in the show. A special Jonas Brothers concert in the season finale sees Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas performing their holiday single "Like It’s Christmas" in front of a big crowd, which includes some of the show’s main characters.

When Dash (Austin Abrams) and his friends, including his bestie Boomer (Dante Brown) need to get away from the noise of the concert and discuss Dash’s plans to win back Lily (Midori Francis), they accidentally end up in Nick Jonas’ trailer. Luckily, Jonas is pretty cool about it. He even offers up some advice about love and gives a shout-out to his real-life wife, Priyanka Chopra. ("When I proposed, I had to dig deep. I had to get vulnerable," Jonas tells the group of teens.)

Though it’s brief, Jonas’s scene is a pretty big deal in the plot, since it’s his advice that pushes cynical Dash to open up to Lily. According to the Dash & Lily cast, Jonas was just as great playing himself on the show as he was IRL, as both a co-star and a producer.

"He’s a nice guy," Abrams tells Elite Daily about working with Jonas. The actor recalls messing around on set while filming this scene, even trying to put a different spin on his big moment with Jonas by pushing Dash’s curmudgeonly sensibilities even further. "There’s the end where I say, ‘Thank you, Nick Jonas,’ and I give him a hug," Abrams explains. "And there was one [take when] I tried saying, ‘Thank you, Kevin.’ I thought it was kind of funny because I don’t feel like Dash would know the difference between any of the brothers … He’s a good sport."

Brown agrees: "He’s so cool, like he’s so just down to Earth. We sat and had a conversation about watches forever, and then Fred [Savage, the episode director] is a watch guy, so he got in on the action and [then we were] all talking about watches."

But not everyone was able to participate in the fangirling. Namely, Francis’ character Lily was not in the concert scene, so she missed out on the big moment. "I was, honestly, definitely jealous about that," Francis admits. "I was kind of sad, because that would [have been] fun, but I also got my own little adventures."

Fans can check out Jonas’ cameo in Season 1 of Dash & Lily, streaming on Netflix now.

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