Nicki Minaj Fans Accuse Meek Mill of Shading the Raptress on Twitter

While it’s possible the ‘All Eyes on You’ rapper is talking about someone else in his tweet abot ‘ugly bodies’, that doesn’t stop the Barbz to criticize Meek for the alleged diss.

AceShowbizMeek Mill‘s recent tweet has caught the attention of Nicki Minaj‘s fans, but not for a good reason. The Barbz assumed that Meek was throwing shade at the “Anaconda” rapper, with whom he used to date, in a tweet on Wednesday, April 29.

It all started after Meek responded to a tweet which read, “Every n***a got a few ugly bodies he ashamed of.” The “All Eyes on You” rapper replied, “I got some bad ones I’m ashamed of lol.”

Meek Mill sparked speculations of shading Nicki Minaj with this tweet.

It’s possible that Meek was taking a subtle jab at Nicki, but it’s also possible he was talking about someone else. That, however, didn’t stop the Barbz to criticize Meek for the alleged diss.

“The one that gave you your career?” asked one Nicki stan to him. “Stop talking about Nicki, you know you miss that girl. Everybody was clowning her for dating you,” one other chimed in. “Dam still can’t get Nicki off ya mind,” someone added.

However, some fans came to Meek’s defense. “LOL meek was poppin 5 years before they started dating just admit you don’t listen to music,” one fan clapped back with someone reminding the Barbz, “Not everything is about your favorite.”

Calling them delusional, one fan hotly replied, “Who gave him his career… delusional af. He had a career before her….” Echoing the sentiment, one other tweeted, “Barbz are really delusional… y’all know she didn’t give him his career. Stop it.” One Nicki Minaj fan still insisted, “She help him reach international peak so technically [a clown emoji].”

Meek and Nicki dated for two years. The two called it quits at the beginning of January 2017. An insider claimed that constant fighting led to their separatation, explaining, “They were fighting on and off for a little while about a few topics that upset Nicki.”

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