Nina Dobrevs parents give her coal every Christmas because shes famous

Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough did a joint appearance on Ellen recently with guest host Adam Devine. They were promoting their new lower calorie wine brand, which recently went public. These two have been best friends for years, and as I’ve said before they seem similar in both good and bad ways. They’re also friends with Adam, with Nina appearing in an upcoming Netflix comedy with him, also starring Ellen Barkin and Lil Rel Howery.

Julianne mentioned that she’s taken Nina to urgent care so many times. That made me feel sorry for Nina until Julianne explained that Nina is just a risk taker. Julianne also admitted he went on a 13 day “cleansing retreat” over the holidays, which sounds horrible to me. Why would you do that to yourself, but more than that why admit to it? I wanted to talk about the fact that Nina admitted that her parents don’t get her presents for Christmas, but have given her coal every year now.

Julianne on Nina’s injuries
I’ve taken her to the urgent care more times than I can count on both of my hands. She’s the most accident prone but it’s because she’s a risk taker and she’s amazing,

Nina on what her parents give her Christmas
All I got was coal. Every year. They like to keep me grounded. They’re like ‘she’s an actress, she’s in the film industry, her head is getting bigger.’ They just like to ground me and literally give me coal every year.

Julianne on what she did for the holidays
I went on a solo retreat for the first time where I was cleansing for 13 days. I’m very much like that. ‘How do I start the year off before January first feeling mind body soul connected.’ That’s my jam. Also quite depressing.

[From The Ellen Show on YouTube via JustJared]

If you follow my Amazon posts with Hecate, you probably know this about me already, but my love language is gifts. I have taken the quiz multiple times and that always comes out on top. I don’t need anything fancy, just the fact that someone got something for me makes me feel appreciated. So it seems really rude to me that Nina’s parents get her coal! Coal is for when you’re bad, it’s worse than not even getting a gift, it’s like a negative energy gift. It’s the thought with gifts, it’s not the fact that you can’t afford to buy the thing yourself. It always floors me when people are stingy like this.

I vaguely remembered covering something about Nina Dobrev’s parents being rude to her, and I found this interview where she said her mom gives her baby clothes for Christmas, even though she was single at the time and childfree. So I guess her parents moved on from one passive aggressive gift to another that was arguably worse. At least you can regift baby clothes.

Here’s that interview:

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