Paige Turley reveals boyfriend Finn Tapp’s annoying habits during lockdown and talks becoming a WAG

Paige Turley and Finley Tapp’s Love Island love story was the one that stood out for us from the start. The pair got together in the first week of the show and managed to go the distance, despite the temptations of Casa Amor, countless new bombshells and the opportunity to nab the £50k prize for themselves.

Paige, 22, who won the show with her 20-year-old footballer beau, is self-isolating with him in her Glasgow home when new magazine chat to her and admits she couldn’t bear to do it without her other half.

“Thankfully Finn came up to mine and so we’re self-isolating together, which makes it a wee bit easier,” she tells us. “There’s a hell of a lot of Netflix in all honesty!”

The couple, who split the prize money, pipped Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge to the post in the February final.

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“When I went in, I thought, ‘I’ll go on a couple of dates with a couple of hot guys,’” the aspiring singer tells new. “I’ve watched the show myself and thought, ‘How can you be so invested in somebody in such a short space of time?’ But being in there I totally get it. There’s nothing else – you only have each other. And Finn came in five days in and I was like, ‘Ooh!’”

Before finding fame on the ITV2 reality show, Paige was trying to make it as a musician and had auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, reaching the semi-finals at the age of 14.

Back in the day, she also dated Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi and she’s said to be the inspiration behind his hit song Somebody You Loved. When new catch up with Paige, she tells us she and her famous ex are still friendly and even reckons he would love her new fella. Aw!

Upon leaving the villa, Paige and Finn have been open about their desire to start a family, and Finn has said he wants six kids. However, Paige tells us, “We’re still quite young, we’ve got a few years yet!”

Here, the stunning Scot talks to new magazine about Finn’s bad habits, her dreams of getting into the recording studio and how she plans to spend her prize money…

Hi Paige! How has life been since Love Island?

It’s been brilliant. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. So much has happened in such a short space of time. I attended the Global Awards and TRIC Awards, and Finn and I have done shoots together. The stuff we’ve been involved in has been really fun.

Self-isolation must be easy for you both having been separated from normal life in Love Island. Is it like going back to the villa?

We actually said, “We’ve done six weeks of this!” This will be a breeze for us and now we’ve got a television to keep us amused! We’re trying to go on one walk a day to get out of the house, but I think we’ll handle this alright.

Are you happy you’re isolating together?

Yeah, it would have been a lot worse if I had to do it myself. We were texting each other before saying, “This is weird!” because it was the first proper time we’d spent away from each other.

We made a decision and Finn came to me.

You’ve said you’d like to move in together. Were you looking for places before lockdown?

Because everything has been so hectic we were living in hotels at first, but it’s definitely something that’s on the cards. Our schedules have been so busy and then this [lockdown] happened, so I’ve come home for a bit. But it’s in the pipeline when life goes back to normal.

Finn’s from Buckinghamshire and you live in Glasgow. Where are you planning to base yourselves?

I’m not too sure. A lot of the work is down south, but we’ve spoken about Manchester because that’s halfway between the two of us. London is very fast-paced, so I’m not so sure.

I’m favouring Manchester. It’s a middle of the road one – it’s a smaller London.

Sounds like a plan! Why do you and Finn work so well together?

We’ve got the same sense of humour, where we can mock ourselves and each other, but we also show each other affection. We have a really fun relationship and we’re very similar in that aspect.

What do you love most about him?

Finn’s such a kind guy! He takes a lot of space up in the bed – but apart from that he’s a really generous guy. I’m never going to tell him this [laughs].

So, he does have some annoying habits then?

He takes up so much room! I was up during the night and nudged him and was like, “Would you move over!” That’s the only thing. He’s like, “I’m such a big guy in comparison to you.” So, it’s that and snoring.

Have you had an argument yet?

I don’t think we have. We’ve never had a proper argument – we’ve not had a lot to argue about. Maybe it will come in time… [Laughs]

You’ve spoken a lot about getting married. If he proposed now would you say yes?

I definitely see myself spending my life with him, but I don’t think he’s got any intentions just yet.

You’ve also spoken a lot about having a big family. Who’s more broody?

Finn – I don’t even need to think about that one! He comes from a big family and my cousin’s got a baby and he hasn’t got that in his family. That’s probably why he’s a bit more broody. Whereas I’ve got a baby [in my family] and don’t need to go through the process – I can still get cuddles.

Does he often talk about babies?

He makes jokes if there’s something on the telly, but he’s never sat me down and said, “Let’s have a baby!”

How do your families get on?

Our mums actually text each other! Everybody gets on so well. I’m always in contact with Finn’s parents and my stepdad texts Finn. It’s strange how we’ve managed to fit into each other’s families. We forget they were watching us for six weeks and they’ve seen it and have seen how we are. We’ve become comfortable quite quickly.

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Finn is a defender for Oxford City. How do you feel about being a WAG?

[Laughs] Am I a WAG? That is a good title. No, I think I quite enjoy being a WAG. But when I’ve got to go every Saturday and sit and watch him play I might say different!

He must get a lot of female attention. Do you trust him?

A few people have asked me this, but if we can get through Casa Amor where he was with six models, we’re all good.

Some of the challenges in there were with some of the most gorgeous people and he never ventured off. I think we’re all good in that aspect.

Finn is very much into his fitness. Do you train together?

When we go out on our walks, we might go out for a run too.

Are you quite body confident?

Before I went into the villa I didn’t do anything different to what I’d normally do. I’ve always been comfortable in myself. Some of the boys would be in the gym twice a day, but I got a bit lazy in the villa because it was so warm and I couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym.

Have you ever been tempted to undergo cosmetic surgery?

No – I’ve got hair extensions, but I’ve always had those. My mum’s always been like, “Don’t touch any of that stuff.” I can understand why people do, but I’ve not been tempted.

What is next for you?

Everything is on pause just now. But from a young age my passion has always been singing, so I’d like to go back to music. Whether that’s as a career or a hobby, we’ll see. I need to start writing, because I’ve got all this spare time on my hands.

Will you write a song about Finn?

Maybe over the next few weeks.

Have you been in touch with anyone in the music industry about recording some new material?

I have. I’ve been to a couple of studios and we’ve been throwing stuff around. Hopefully in the future that’s a possibility.

Sounds exciting! Would you and Finn do your own reality show together?

We started our relationship like that, so we’d be used to it. But would it be entertaining? Would people watch it?

We would!

Finn would love that, to be fair. I mean, if you can set up the deal for us…

We’ll do our best! Are there any former Islanders’ careers you admire?

A lot of them have done amazingly and have set up lives for themselves. I knew how big the show was, but going in I didn’t feel like I was going into that show and that there could be a possibility of having a career after it. It was like a holiday. I’ve been chucked into this world and think, “If things come, then amazing.” But we were quite happy with our lives beforehand. And now I’ve got Finn, so whatever happens, it will be good.

Some Islanders have gone on to get married and have children. Is it reassuring for you to see that relationships can last after the show?

Yeah, definitely. The fact you see people meet on the show and then they go on and have a life together, that’s amazing and hopefully that will happen for us as well.

Do you keep in touch with many of the other Islanders from your series?

Yeah – obviously Shaughna [Phillips]. We’re counting the days down until we can see each other again. Everybody’s in the same boat, thinking, “What on earth is happening?” But I’m in touch with all the Islanders. We’re still messaging and seeing how each other are. We had such a nice villa, so we were really lucky.

How are you coping with the pressure that comes with your newfound fame?

Thankfully, we’ve had really positive experiences. I haven’t faced anything bad yet, touch wood. People are going to have an opinion and you put yourself in that position. You just have to take things as they come. I’ve got a really good support network with my family and friends, and ITV has been amazing as well. I’ve been quite lucky.

Is it easier because you and Finn have had each other?

Yeah. Because we’re facing it together, it definitely helps. I can imagine it being a lot harder, coming out by yourself.

Do you feel any pressure to make things work with Finn outside the villa?

It’s amazing if it works, but there have been so many Islanders who it’s not worked out for. I don’t feel pressure. I’m not thinking whether it won’t work. We’ve always been happy just being in the moment.

Do you think the other couples from your series will last?

I think we had such a strong final – even the final five. When we were in there and we had to send a text saying who’s the least compatible, we wouldn’t have been able to choose from that final five.

Before Love Island, you went out with Lewis Capaldi from 2014 to 2016. Are you still mates?

Yeah. We’ve always kept in touch and been friendly and we get on really well.

Has he met Finn?

No. We’ve been busy, and we were in London when Lewis was playing in Glasgow, so we haven’t crossed paths. I’m sure he’d love him and they’d get on really well.

Have you had any other support from celebrities?

Everybody’s been so nice. Rylan [Clark-Neal] sent me a message and we spoke to Montana Brown at the Sport Relief show. There have been a lot of past Islanders who have messaged us.

That’s nice. Have you got your prize money now?

Eventually we have!

Have you spent it?

No – all the shops have closed [laughs]. We haven’t spent a penny of it yet.

What are you going to spend your half on?

I just want a Macbook! I haven’t even had a conversation with Finn to see what he’s going to spend it on. He’ll probably buy trainers or something.

You could put it towards a new place together!

Exactly. When things go back to normal, I’ll find a way to spend it quite easily!

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