Paris Fashion Week Model Suffers Bloody Injury After Running Into A Pole

A model ran face-first into a pole during Paris Fashion Week … landing her in the hospital for some stitches and forcing her to creatively hide the aftermath on stage.

Paris Fashion Week wrapped Tuesday, and German fashion influencer Caroline Daur was one of the models rocking some extravagant designer clothing … that is until things took a horrible turn.

Caroline says she was out for a run early in the week when she ran full speed and face first into a pole, sending her to the ground with a whole lot of blood.

She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance … spending 6 hours in the E.R. Ever the influencer, she captioned one of her videos … “Alexa play ‘Stitches’ by Shawn Mendes.”

As they say, the show must go on … so 3 days later, Caroline was back in action, hiding her injuries behind some big-ass sunglasses.

She hurt like hell, but she was still rockin’ Chanel!

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