Pathetic Piers Morgan whines about ‘free speech’ in a heavily edited Fox News interview

I’m not one of those brave souls who can sit and watch Fox News and fact-check it online. I’m not Aaron Rupar, Daniel Dale or any of those brilliant journalists. I avoid Fox News like the plague, and I realized last night that I didn’t even know where the Fox News channel was located on my programming. I found it and I managed to watch all of Tucker Carlson’s “interview” with Piers Morgan, at least the heavily edited portions which appeared in the last half of Carlson’s show. The editing was pretty obvious, and it was clear that Carlson’s producers didn’t want to give Piers an open mic to say whatever he wanted. Which is hilarious because the whole raison d’etre of this mess was “freedom of speech” and “freedom of thought.” Piers literally went on Fox News to talk about the importance of free speech (only for him) and they heavily edited his statements. *chef’s kiss*

First off, Piers completely misrepresented the circumstances around his firing from ITV and Good Morning Britain. According to Piers, he was fired or forced to quit because he, a humble journalist, simply questioned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s claims in the Oprah interview, especially their claims that the royal family and British media are racist. The truth is, it was one specific tantrum which ended Piers’ ITV career. He didn’t “believe” Meghan was suicidal, or that her mental health suffered to a huge degree because of the relentless racist attacks she faced. There were public health and mental health experts shocked with Piers’ words at the time, and those experts were coming out to speak on why Piers’ words were so dangerous. That was why Meghan contacted the ITV chief to complain, and it was why Meghan filed a complaint with Ofcom.

In general, though, this interview was just two white guys whining about how they have “the right” to say whatever they want. Which is true, actually. No one is stopping Piers Morgan from saying whatever he wants. Meghan isn’t stopping him, Harry isn’t stopping him, Tucker isn’t stopping him (Tucker’s just heavily editing him). Piers just doesn’t have the right to say what he wants on whatever platform he chooses, and he doesn’t have the right to face zero consequences for his words. He can call Meghan a liar – he just can’t do it on ITV. He can smear Meghan however he wants in the pages of the Daily Mail, but she’ll just f–king sue them again. That’s what irritates him – the consequences. Piers is trying to turn his unhinged stalking of a Black woman into a free speech issue, which grossly mischaracterizes the past four years of abuse he’s heaped on Meghan. He argues that he has the right to “his story.” Yes. He does. So do Meghan and Harry.

Piers also “demanded” that Harry and Meghan name the racists in the Windsor klan. That’s a play I really don’t get. Does Piers think he’s calling a bluff? He’s not.

Screencap courtesy of Fox News, additional photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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