Penny Mordaunt dubbed new Pippa Middleton as shes praised by stars

Penny Mordaunt acting as sword bearer

Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt, 50, played a significant role in Saturday’s ceremony in Westminster Abbey for the Coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Penny, who is also Leader of the House of Commons, took part in the Coronation in her role as Lord President of the Privy Council, a role she was appointed in September 2022.

As part of an ancient custom during the Coronation, Penny carried the 17th-century Sword of State as part of the King’s procession at the beginning of the service.

She then had to redeem the sword for the bag of silver-coloured coins, worth £50 in total, at the Westminster Abbey altar.

She then had to draw the sword and carry it in front of King Charles for the rest of the service.

Her role in the Coronation has been widely praised by viewers and famous faces across the country.

Martin Lewis said: “Is Penny Mordant the new Pippa Middleton? She has stolen the show!” 

Dan Walker exclaimed: “What a shift from Penny Mordaunt. Finally she gets to put the sword down. Get her in the Olympics.”

While Anne Hegerty joked: “Also, greatest respect to whoever made Penny Mordaunt’s bra. I covet that bra #Coronation.”

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