Phillip Schofield in warning from Holly Willoughby for This Morning slip ‘Nearly resigned’

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Phillip Schofield, 58, filmed behind the scenes on This Morning, as he explained that he almost made a “fool of himself” on TV by nearly pronouncing a rude word. The ITV host jokingly added to co-host Holly Willoughby, 40, that if he had in fact said the curse word, he would have immediately “resigned” from the show.

Nearly made a fool of myself

Phillip Schofield

Phillip revealed: “I just nearly made a fool of myself on television.”

He panned the camera to show the crew on set.

The father of two continued: “They are all here, full support from the crew, when you say the word cluster, and it should be cluster flies, but you nearly follow it with something else… Nearly.”

A camera man responded: “Nearly!”

Phillip added: “Everyone thought it.”

He then zoomed in on Holly, who could not hold her laughter in at the near mishap.

She replied: “So close, one of your closest yet.”  Before going on to warn: “Don’t say cluster followed by something beginning with F!”

Phillip confessed: “Nearly resigned!”

The co-hosts looked smartly dressed for the occasion, as Phillip appeared dapper in a blue shirt while Holly stunned in a white dress.

It comes as the 58-year-old admitted his marriage to Stephanie Lowe is still currently a work in progress.

In a new interview with BBC Radio Five, he divulged: “We love each other massively.

“We are a loving family, that hasn’t changed… It’s us four but different.

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“We are a work in progress. I’ve been very honest about all of this and there’s no question, we have to pick our way through this daily as a family.

“And that’s what we are doing. We are making our way through very unusual and unexpected waters.”

When asked how he feels after coming out as gay, Phillip answered: “I am OK, I am still a work in progress.

“I still have to come to terms with my life and with me.”

The ITV star shared that it was difficult to make such a revelation just weeks before the country was plunged into lockdown.

He added: “It hasn’t helped that what I wanted most of all was what I wanted was to see my mates and have a drink and go out for a meal and have a hug…

“As I came out the world went in. Talk about the worst possible timing. There are lots of things I miss.

“I miss going out and seeing my mates and having a pint and saying how are you doing.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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