Piers Morgan recalls moment he interviewed his wife ‘I immediately cleared my schedule’

Celia Walden discusses marriage with Piers Morgan in 2018

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Former Good Morning Britain anchor Piers Morgan has spoken of the moment he first met his second wife. Piers and Celia met in 2005 after being put in touch by Piers’ former editor.

I immediately cleared my schedule

Piers Morgan

Piers, 56, and Celia Walden, 45, had initially been in talks to arrange an interview for his celebrity column at a British magazine.

However, their meeting almost never came about after Piers reluctantly asked his former GQ editor, Dylan Jones, why he should be interviewing Celia.

At the time, Piers was working for the publication as a “celebrity interrogator” while Celia was a gossip columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

Despite his initial hesitation, Piers has thanked Dylan for their meeting, 11 years after the pair married.

Writing in his Daily Mail column, former Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers reflected on the news that Dylan would be stepping down as editor-in-chief of GQ magazine, 22 years after starting.

Describing his former editor, he said: “He’s a fantastically talented and mischievous journalist.”

Piers went on to add that Dylan was “the guy who emailed me back in 2005” before adding: “To ask if I would interview a gossip columnist from the Daily Telegraph.”

“Why would I want to do that?’ I replied, dismissively,” Piers added.

Recalling his conversation with Dylan, Piers penned: “You may want to see the eight-page Agent Provocateur photo-shoot she’s done for us before declining,’ he persisted.”

He continued: “He sent over the pictures, and after viewing them, I immediately cleared my schedule for a series of increasingly long ‘interviews’ with the gossip columnist.

“Her name was Celia Walden – and I married her five years later.

“Thanks Dylan.”

Since marrying in 2010, Celia and Piers have gone on to have one child together, Elise, who Piers recently revealed managed to beat him during a game of chess.

Sharing a picture to his Instagram page of Elise looking victorious in front of a chessboard, he wrote: “I knew letting her watch Queen’s Gambit was a mistake.

“She’s just beaten me in 4 moves. I will never live this down.”

Despite some followers speculating that Piers may have been intoxicated during the game, he responded: “Stone cold bloody sober.”

The pair often share aspects of their relationship, with Piers’ three sons, Spencer, Bertie and Stanley from his first marriage to Marion Shalloe often enjoying luxury holidays with their dad and his wife.

Recently, Celia sparked a frenzy on social media after branding Piers “a savage”.

Sharing a picture to her Instagram page of a loaf of bread that had been hollowed out, Celia moaned that she couldn’t have a sandwich.

Alongside the post, she wrote: “Yes I realise the inside’s the nicest bit, Piers, but we’ve talked about this #livingwithasavage #theregoesmysandwich.”

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