'Power' Star Naturi Naughton Responds to Hitmaka's Claims: 'I Might Have to Call Somebody to Pull Up'

Naturi Naughton is rightfully celebrating an engagement and successful first season of Power Book II: Ghost. Back in September, the singer/actor revealed she’s working on new music that will delve into her life following her split from 3LW.

Naughton was part of the girl group in her teens and has worked in entertainment since. While she rarely gets caught up in internet drama, her name was recently on the lips of music producer Hitmaka — a.k.a. Yung Berg — and she decided to speak on his story.  

Hitmaka received backlash for comments about Naturi Naughton

In November, Hitmaka was a guest on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast to speak about his career and life in the hip-hop world. The 35-year-old decided to share a kiss-and-tell tale about Naturi Naughton that drew applause from his hosts and some side eye from social media.

Hitmaka said back in the day, he met the “girls from 3LW” at a party and hooked up with the one from Power, referring to Naughton. Then he added some graphic details about her biology. Once a clip from the interview hit social media, it went viral and many people dragged Hitmaka for spilling the business and naming names.

He later appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast and said he felt bad for speaking about it. He apologized.

Hitmaka said it happened 20 years ago but, “I didn’t take into consideration where her life could be right now and what she could have going on.” He tried to have the comments removed from the Drink Champs interview, but it didn’t happen.

Naturi Naughton shuts down Hitmaka’s claims

Naughton mentioned the incident during her January appearance on The Breakfast Club and hinted that she has some elements of Tasha St. Patrick in her. “Recently, there was an interview that I just felt like, ‘Ok, I might have to call somebody to pull up on what’s his name.’ But I guess it’s a thing for people to say they’ve been with me, apparently,” said Naughton.

Host Angela Yee stated she Naughton spoke about the online drama already and Naughton said Hitmaka’s story wasn’t true. DJ Envy chimed in with a question about her relationship with him (then Yung Berg), and she said she was only around 15-16 when she was in 3LW. She explained most of their activities were group hangouts.

“I remember we all lived in L.A., — in Archstone — maybe we all hung out in groups, but I wasn’t even doing dates, let alone active … That took a lot for me to come on here and not be like, ‘Really?’ That’s why a week later, wasn’t there an apology or something?” Naughton said, referring to Hitmaka’s claims.

To her, the situation is dead, but they all joked if it happened on Power, Tariq probably would have taken the producer out for disrespecting his mother.

Naughton is looking ahead with music, marriage

Naughton also told The Breakfast Club crew that her upcoming music project features songs with Power co-stars Method Man and Rotimi.

As far as her love life, her fiancé surprised her by popping the question in December, a few days before the holidays. One of the best parts? He also gave her 3-year-old daughter a ring. It’s onward for Naughton.

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